Scott Disick on Courtney Kardashian: “The Best Baby Machine in Town”

Kourtney Kardashian andScott Disick They broke up about five years ago, but parting is a relatively terrible word when it comes to this couple. Since they officially split up, the two have been living separately and it seems like they have completely moved on already. Disik has had a relationship with the model for the past three years Sophia Ritchie And Kardashian was in a one-year relationship with the model and boxer Younes Bandjima In 2018.

Anyone who follows the Kardashians knows that Disik did not really break away from the family after the breakup. On the contrary, he appears frequently in family reality, celebrating all the holidays with them and spending time on each of the famous family vacations, with repeated reports of the complicated couple’s comeback in the background.

“You’re still in Courtney’s part, aren’t you?” ” Mami is not now photographing us smiling ” (Photo: Joe Scarnici Getty Images)
“Do you find Younes Scott jealous?” ”what?”. “Nothing from my mother, nothing, smile, take pictures of us” (Photo: Vivien Killilea gettyimages)

Last night (Monday) the couple’s children celebrated, Mason (11) fClean (6) Birthday (yes yes, the two were born on the same day five years apart) and Disik’s birthday greeting for the kids stole the attention of all Instagram precisely because it was aimed at the mother of his children at all: “Thank you for being the best baby machine in town “I could not think of a better person to have children with. I love you and our family more than anything else in the world.”

The flirtation between Kardashian and Disik seems to have escalated, so much so that even the followers could not remain indifferent to the event: “Just come back already”, “You must do another one (child)” and give your audience what it deserves and get married “were just some of the reactions On the sweet post Courtney and Scott If you happen to come across this item, TMI just wants to tell you that with all the frequent reports of a breakup between Kim andbuy And the end of the family reality that is approaching in huge strides, we totally deserve compensation in the form of baby number 4, okay? Think about it please in depth.

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In a time full of innocence, love, happiness, lack of style and even self-awareness (Photo: Getty images)In a time full of innocence, love, happiness, lack of style and even self-awareness (Photo: Getty images)