Pfizer will go it alone to expand the vaccine industry beyond Pandemic Covid-19

Pfizer Inc. aims to expand its vaccine industry by becoming the leader of the new gene-based technology behind its successful Covid-19 prospects.

Pfizer will develop new perspectives using the technology, called mRNA, to target viruses and other pathogens outside the coronavirus, CEO Albert Bourla said in an interview. He said the company’s scientists and engineers gained a decade’s worth of experience in the past year working on the Covid-19 vaccine with BioNTech SE in Germany, and are ready to pursue mRNA by itself.

“There is technology that has proven incredible impact and potential,” Mr Bourla said. “We are the best company right now to take it to the next level because of our size and experience. ”

Pfizer will expand R&D in technology, involving at least 50 employees including mRNA, and use the new mRNA manufacturing network it has assembled in the past year to become the competition.

“We are now at the forefront and we intend to close the gap,” he told the mRNA vaccine market.