Meat Loaf is developing a relationship competition show

Meat loaf in 2013

Meat loaf in 2013
Photo: David Becker (Getty Images)

In this world where everything is about superheroes or some cheap and lazy “we can film this over Zoom!” bullshit, it ‘s nice when it comes to an idea that’s just right goddamn brilliant. We’re talking about ideas that prove that there is an art for entertaining people, that not all media have to be the kind of junk you put on the back while doing something. you something else. This story isn’t about any of those ideas, but bad, it’s definitely nice when that kind of thing comes in.

At least, Last date arsa that Meat Loaf has teamed up with production company Nobody’s Hero – best known for Netflix’s Nailed it!– to create a so-called “relationship competition series” I would do anything for love … But I wouldn’t (yes, like the song) where couples compete in a “mix of funny physical games” that test their trust in each other. It will all be set to a “soundtrack of classic beats,” performed by the Meat Loaf executive team and serve as an “ethereal figure behind the rage” (we are portraying the Banker from Deal or No Deal, but one of those people is on it frilly poet’s shirts, it is completely useless without Jim Steinman maintaining it, and it is close with that bad family we won’t talk about it here anymore).

In a statement, Christopher Potts at No Man’s Hero and Jonty Nash said their goal is to “create shows that are funny, subtle and influential, but not two out of three are bad,” with Meat Loaf. “You just took the words out of my mouth. ”Credit to credit: That’s funny. But why did I stop at “I had to do anything for love (But I wouldn’t do that)” when Meat Loaf has a twenty-year career path that could be turned into to TV shows? this is The AV Club, so obviously we’re just going for that now.

Bat out of hell: This could be a American Ninja Hero-in obstacle course object, with competitors trying to escape from the Devil and be back with their lover. Maybe they could do the course on a motorcycle, though I would do anything for love of course just running on the title, not the content of the song, so it seems deceptive to include motorcycles or tunnels where the deadly people rise or a young boy which begins to “foam in the heat.” (Also, what does that mean?)

Paradise With Dashboard Light: This could be another date show, perhaps with a hidden camera conceit so the contestants don’t know they’re on a TV show, and they’ll be stuck in a car until they agree to break up and get married. Something may be legally binding where they have a contractual obligation to live together for eternity if that is what they choose. All programs can have armed blacksmiths look up on previous rivals to see if they’re still in love, and if not send them to Phil Rizzuto’s Pressure Cooker where they must try to overcome the horrible suicide pressure. (Again, however, these are the words of the song.)

Two out of three are not bad: Display of questionnaires, obviously, where competitors have to answer three small questions. If they don’t get any, one, or three right, nothing will happen. If they get two right, Meat Loaf (who hosts this one) says “two out of three isn’t bad” with a bit of a shrug. There are no winners or prizes.

Rock and roll dreams come through: This could be kind of a singing contest show, but that’s a little bit on the nose. It’s probably a drama series about a teenage runaway (Angelina Jolie) who is ushered through a gritty dark world by one of a kind of jukebox magic while saving people’s lives with rock music. Then, in the end, even though she has now discovered the incredible power of life-altering rock balloons, she goes back to living with her average parents. In fact, that’s just the plot of the music video.