McTominay defends Man Utd who need to ‘kick up the lump’

The Scotland international will make his club 100th appearance against Sheffield United on Thursday, with another away win sought

Scott McTominay has defended Manchester United’s need for a “kick up” from time to time, with the Scottish international wanting to say that falling behind in games is not always the case. a sign of bad play.

The Red Devils are used to surrendering first in Premier League games this season, especially away from home.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side, however, have found a way to get the job done on their tours, with the highest points taken from five games so far.

United have taken a look in all of that, setting a new high-flying comeback record on the way, and they are showing their stomachs to fight in what is shaping up to be an exciting 2020-21 initiative.

McTominay believes there are plenty of positive things to take for the Red Devils from their efforts so far, with every reason to believe that challenges for great honors can be held this term .

He told the club official website going to a meeting with Sheffield United at Bramall Lane on Thursday: “The [away] great. As I say, we have talked about it as a group. We can’t keep falling behind in games and as you can see in Leipzig [a 3-2 Champions League defeat], you can just give yourself too much to do. That is something we must quickly forget.

“That’s the good thing about football, it moves so fast, but you can still say that everyone wants to get back to that level where we have to prove that we should for us to compete this year. We know that and we have had many conversations as a group.

“We’ve been playing well and people might think because you’re going down a goal, you’re not playing well.

“We have started some games badly, but some have started well and have gone down goals. Don’t take it like you’re going 1-0 down, you’re playing badly. I feel like people jump to that decision right away.

“As I say, [at] Everton took control of the entire game, from minute one to 90 minutes, but people will see that you have visited down until they think you are playing badly. As long as we as an organization know what we are doing well and when we have to kick it, we are on the right track. ”

United’s next trip out on the road could be very special for McTominay, with the 24-year-old – who made his debut back in May 2017 – ready to make his 100th appearance. -into the club if he figures against the Blades.

He also said at the centenary: “Yes, time has passed quickly, you know? Obviously you can get to that landmark a little faster without injury. I was out for three months with my knee and eight weeks with my finger [last season] so that delays the time for appearing.

“One of my friends is a Sheffield United fan and he talks to me regularly about his passion and love for the football club. Obviously for them, the fans are a big loss and everything that goes on with the fans on Mother’s Day is a big loss, but Sheffield United are a very, very good team. good and have had very difficult results.

“It’s a game we have to respect and we can’t get our feet wet as they have made a difficult start to a different challenging season in the Premier League. They come to us at 100 miles per hour, and we have to be ready. ”