Ganz in an interview with the Arab media: Palestinians deserve an entity and a capital in Jerusalem

Ganz in an interview with the Arab media: Palestinians deserve an entity and a capital in Jerusalem

Blue and White Chairman, Minister of Defense Bnei Gantz, I said in an interview published this morning (Thursday) in the newspaper a-Sharq al-Awsat: “I served in the Israeli army for about 38 years, and believe me – the generals who saw and tasted the horrors of war – want more than anything to achieve peace.” He added that “among the generals – I can say with certainty that I seek peace, while emphasizing that peace in the Middle East – would not be complete without the Palestinians.” Ganz went on to call on the Palestinians to “join the circle of peace and not stay on the last benches.”

“Jerusalem will remain united, but there is room for a Palestinian capital,” he explained, emphasizing that “the Palestinians deserve an entity and I want them to take part in the peace process. I want to reach an agreement with them, and invite them to take part in the process. We want to say goodbye to the Palestinians.” If we reach agreements on security issues, the political solution will come easily. “

Later in the interview, he referred to the normalization agreements signed in recent months, and revealed that during his military service – he visited “all Arab countries in secret”. He stressed: “I want to visit them in a public, friendly and peaceful way.”

Netanyahu on the normalization agreement with Morocco. Photo: Reuters

He referred to the political situation, saying that “it seems that we are going to early elections – because Netanyahu does not abide by the agreements. We do not want elections.” He said there was still a possibility that the government would continue to serve. “If Netanyahu reads the political map – he will understand that elections are a fatal blow to him,” he stressed, referring to the results of recent polls: “20 percent of voters have not yet decided who will support the ballot box.

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The Minister of Defense and Jerusalem, Rabbi Rafi Peretz, wrote on Twitter that “United Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people. Not the capital of anyone else. Here our ancestors walked and this is our quarry. Ganz, from my acquaintance with you, you also believe plunder”.

Member of Knesset Nir Barkat, former mayor of Jerusalem, also criticized Ganz’s remarks, saying that “Jerusalem is the capital of only one state. The eternal capital of the Jewish people, the capital of the State of Israel.”