you may not want to spend your fare on this cheap photo may be unfair to compare a new game unfavorably with another similar game. But it’s sad not to be there when Taxi chaos it’s such an embarrassing clone of Sega’s classic arcade and hit Dreamcast Clever taxi, from the punk-rock soundtrack of his introductory trailer to how his marketing describes the game as taking “cunning threats” to run through the city to get your “cunning messengers” reach their destination.

In fact, it reminds me of that gob from a program of The Simpsons when Homer talks about the Keanu Reeves action movie Astar not to mention the title. The comparison is appropriate, considering how The Simpsons: Rage Road it was also a brazen rip-off of Clever taxi, but at least his license went for it.

Taxi chaos it has a strong lower budget relationship that scrapes it from going ahead, not only with its unstable version of New York (known as New Yellow City, so it can be shortened to NYC still) but also in the sexual character models. It also lacks polish, both in terms of resolution and frame, even on the PS4 version. When even the shower screen for the publisher and developer looks choppy, it’s not a good sign.

The soundtrack is more disappointing. Yes, no one expected the Offspring, but it seems like a weird choice to see as a couple of invisible techno tracks that you might hear on your way back. from the club, especially for a game set in daylight.

Even if you only have two drivers to choose from – the seasonal cabbie Vinny with his stereotypical Italian habits or a self-proclaimed ‘influencer’ Cleo who probably sees this more as a side job in a gig economy – there is a view of depth to the characters. You’ll pick up rock singers, unscrupulous stock traders and pretentious hipsters to find out that their communication is indeed leading to right back and forth conversations. But when drivers can’t last longer than 20 seconds, most of them cut short, and before you pick them up again to hear the same schtick, the new thing has already been added off.

Taxi chaos. Credit: Sega

There is a lot to be said about how Clever taxi let the design of his characters do most of the talking – the reverend on his way to church, the pregnant woman in a hurry to the hospital, the smartly dressed man with a bouquet on his way to the head – and are much more memorable as a result.

Another thing, the basic game of picking up passengers and getting them to their destination before the time comes out while scoring suggestions by racing combos remains the same. The only modern touch – reflecting the age of Uber – is that your performance is rated at a 5 star scale, and you also have the option to kick your passenger out the middle of the ride.

It’s then a panic just as bad Taxi chaos it doesn’t match what made the Sega special arcade racer so addictive in the first place. What immediately throws you away is passenger color coding. But in Clever taxi these indicated the distance and fare – red is the shortest and green is the farthest and therefore the highest earning fares – here the color scheme shows that background or following its own weird rules because there is a timer signal next to it that is not explained anywhere.

Most are baffling like Taxi chaos actively you don’t want to play the long Arcade mode at all. In Clever taxi, building a new passenger increases your overall timer, encouraging you to pick up the longer fares. But here you may be given a minute to take your latest passenger to the other side of town just so your whole timer gets a paltry boost, meaning you can run out out of time and get ‘Game Over’ when your passenger still has tens of seconds to rest.

Taxi chaos
Taxi chaos. Credit: Sega

It’s even worse with flaws that make it a lot less fun to try to improve your combos. It’s impossible to get close to messaging unless your cab is literally a hair’s breadth from another vehicle, there seems to be no way to increase your speed when you’re already moving, and there’s no movement between. That leaves your combo bonuses down to a jump, which feels less skilled but also weak when you come ashore killing the movement. At the same time, shortlists aren’t clear at all, especially like your navigation arrow that spins invisibly when you turn a corner on a block.

Clever taxi he was almost infamous for having a lot of content, largely overcoming his addictive arcade-scoring attack loop, but even then he still managed to get an extra map and some mini-game challenges. in the packet. Taxi chaos has more taxis you can unlock with different stats but beyond its Arcade mode, you have a free Roam that lets you drive around without a timer to get your bearings or the unlocked Pro mode, and that’s just the worst idea.

Basically, it’s just Arcade mode but without the instructions, put your road experience to the ultimate test. Of course, not only is this nightmare fueling in the present day when all cab drivers use their phone’s GPS, but it shows just how bare it is. open world map gridded the game, so I don’t know where I am half the time. .

Again, you can’t help but understand how Clever taxiShape and structure similar to the West Coast map gave you a better feel while ramps were in good position and several paths that made you take risks. on the other hand Taxi chaos punishing you for bumping into a police car.

I should note that the publisher Lion Castle has stated that they plan to address some issues through a piece of day, which could save some of the game to a more accessible state. In spite, Clever taxi fans will feel nothing but change, and Sega should be ashamed to even confirm it as its Japanese publisher. A riff on an old song from The Offspring, “Na, na, na, na, na!”

‘Taxi Chaos’ is now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One.

At Birth

The simple but addictive views on the introduction of fast fares Clever taxi previously reproduced, from the taxi minigames into GTA to FortniteLast year’s ‘Tilted Taxis’ Restricted Time Method. But as a separate package, Taxi chaos a soulless cheap money that manages to fail on every fundamental aspect of what made these games fun in the first place.

Fans who feel nostalgia for the Sega arcade classic are better off downloading the free smartphone version of Clever taxi instead. Even those dodgy touch controls are still a damn better sight than getting behind the wheel of this car crash of a game.


  • An insoluble cabin encourages you to replay
  • Driver and passenger communication first gives them more depth


  • Bare sexual visions and a forgettable soundtrack with subpar performance
  • Surprisingly it does not imitate all the basic aspects of the Clever taxi games
  • Pro mode is just an awful idea