Yinon Magal: ‘How did you get to the point where you constantly have to prove how bad?’

Ben Caspit and Winon Magal discussed the state of the corona in Israel compared to Europe and argued where it was better • Ben: “The bottom line is not good” • Yinon: “It’s a pathology, it’s a mental state, it has nothing to do with facts”

Today (Thursday) Ben Caspit and Winon Magal discussed their program on 103FM in the situation in Israel compared to Europe, and especially why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opponents, according to Magal, insist on saying that it is so bad here.

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Inon: “Europe in the trolls of Corona do you notice?”

son: “Go to the global, national, global table. “Look at the mortality table and you will see that we are not in good condition, really, really not.”

Inon: “We are in 50th place in the mortality index per million people.”

son: “Let me not trust what you said.”

Inon: “Conference, I allow you.”

son: “Every two days you do it. We are not in good shape, not at the level of morbidity that is skyrocketing. At the end when you check the bottom line. In Europe, it is in the second closure and we are in the third. “

Inon: “We did in a non-cardinal situation as they reached a thousand dead a day. Did a survey in Germany and 80% wonder why they did not impose the restrictions earlier. The whole point is to make tough decisions on time. When you do not make difficult decisions in time, you will do it in the third act with a thousand dead. “

son: “If the hard decisions you made in time were to put you in the top ten in morbidity, turn around. “But an island country with a low median age that has one entry, the first in the world to go to a third closure and mortality is not in good shape, so the bottom line is not good.”

Inon: How did you come to the point where you constantly have to prove how bad it is here? All the time in miracles and wonders, in signs and wonders you have to prove how bad here? How did you get into this situation to take out the slander of our beautiful land, a land flowing with milk and honey that was promised to us by the Blessed One ”.

son: “Will it reach Donald Ben Fred and the season or will it end in a waste of milk and honey?”

Inon: “It’s over now.”

son: “Give him a mirror that will show what he looks like when he says these things. Most of the justified criticism in this area is on the part of the leftist Naftali Bennett, he constantly brings data and numbers, he has not published anything without numbers and tables and we do not keep the old men and we can, the entry and exit is completely prostituted, import Corona air train from Dubai just so as not to They will be angry with us, unable to make a traffic light plan, close an Arab or ultra-Orthodox city. “

Inon: “And we will probably be the first country in the world to be vaccinated.”

son: “Lie, Pike.”

Inon: “Vaccines have not yet arrived in France, but we will probably be the first to vaccinate the risk groups.”

son: “Because we are with groups of several hundred thousand.”

Inon: “So guess how much it is and how much it is. You have an explanation for everything. ”

son: “I have no explanation, I only have one fact and one truth. Messiah’s vaccination campaign is more pathetic than all previous campaigns. The whole world is starting to get vaccinated, the question will be, it will be easy for us because we are a small country, there is no problem of vaccines. “All the rich countries have bought, we are in 167 percent of the population.”

Inon: “All of Europe is drowning and you explain to me how bad it is here, it’s a pathology, it’s a state of mind, it has nothing to do with facts.”

son: “You confuse the mind, not bad here – good here.”

Inon: “The 20th best country in the world.”

son: “In my opinion, higher, the Israelis are always optimistic and always will be, this is my country and it is heaven, even though you are here in front of me and even though the crazy family runs it. This is the only place. It’s great, the weather is good, the sea is the best, no one will ever tell me here you go home, period. This is the education I grew up on. My job as a journalist and not as a mouthpiece is to constantly check the management. You could not put a checkpoint at Ben Gurion Airport. What’s so hard about it? There are satellites in the sky. “

Inon: “I was not asked.”