WWE Raw results, recap, levels: Multiple WrestleMania games made as the Fiend is called

One night after Fastlane, WWE made a quick transition into full WrestleMania 37 mode with a program of Raw that focused on making several important games for the company ‘s biggest weekend of the year. Four games were made official Monday night with at least one more approaching WrestleMania, who are 19 days away.

Drew MacIntyre managed to win a handball game to remove a problem from the equation for his game with WWE champion Bobby Lashley in one of the biggest games on the card. In addition, Asuka finally found out who would challenge the Raw women ‘s competition when Rhea Ripley made her Raw debut.

CBS Sports was with you all night, bringing you recaps and ambitions of all the action from within the ThunderDome.

Bobby Lashley hits Drew MacIntyre

Bobby Lashley def. Sheamus through submission by The Hurt Lock. This was the expected big man brawl. That both Sheamus and Lashley are doing some of the best work in their careers has certainly raised expectations, which have largely been achieved. The Business Hurt was out with Lashley and Cedric Alexander caused Lashley some trouble, allowing Sheamus to take over the game for a while. Alexander eventually made up for it, causing a second distraction, this time overcoming Seamus and allowing Lashley to hit spinebuster to set up the claim. After the game, The Hurt Business attacked Sheamus, knocking him down until Drew MacIntyre made his way to a ring to break things up and run off Shelton Benjamin and Alexander, leaving Lashley and MVP alone in the ring with MacIntyre. MacIntyre kept his hands behind his back and begged Lashley to throw the first punch while an MVP begged away by looking it was business, not emotions. Backstage, Lashley and MVP criticized Alexander and Benjamin for claiming the champion needed their help to win, saying it was a shame.

Drew Mac an t-Saoir def. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin in a hand game. MacIntyre was challenged to a handball match against Alexander and Benjamin, but told Adam Pearce that the right steps had to be in place for the game before he said he would accept the game if the Hurt Business banned from the side of a ring at WrestleMania if he wins the game. After battling back from the inequality of numbers, MacIntyre managed to beat the two men with Claymores to secure the win and take Benjamin and Alexander out of the match. -united at WrestleMania. Backstage, MVP and Lashley blew up again at Alexander and Benjamin before Lashley appeared into a locker room and allowed members of the bottom card at a title photo to take out MacIntyre.

This may be the slightest change to the WrestleMania card overall at night, but it’s clear that Lashley will be challenged to the locker room to get MacIntyre out of the story. which will carry on for weeks. Wrestling has a history of being in very good circumstances and it could be great fun to see men like Drew Gulak capture glory. Sheamus seems to be locked into Riddle’s WrestleMania program (see below) and deserves at least as much for a terrific run over the past several months. Level: B +

What else happened on WWE Raw?

  • Asuka def. Peyton Royce through the application with the Asuka lock. Royce put up a very good fight, almost scoring the win several times, but Asuka derailed the win with the claim. After the game, Rhea Ripley made her debut as a member of Raw. Ripley went into the ring and challenged Asuka to a game at WrestleMania. Asuka told Ripley, “You’re not ready for Asuka,” before officially accepting the challenge.
  • The Miz challenged Bad Bunny for the WrestleMania game on Miz TV. Miz and Morrison said they would be releasing a video for “Hey Hey, Hop Hop” next week on Raw, a “diss track” that would end Bunny’s career. Miz then released the official challenge for Mania.
  • An Miz def. Jeff Hardy tro pinfall after hitting the Skull-Crushing Finale. As Miz pointed out after the game, Bad Bunny slipped into the ring and hit Miz with a guitar and accepted the challenge for a game at WrestleMania.
  • Kofi Kingston def. AJ styles by fall with the SOS Before the game New Day was running up Styles by trying to convince Omos not to join him at WrestleMania.
  • Sheamus Riddle hit a scooter. Riddle stopped interviewing, asking questions about Seamus about Ireland, annoying James when he grabbed the Riddle scooter and hit it.4
  • Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler def. Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose by fall when Jax Brooke hit a Samoan fall. Reginald was next to the ring and helped draw the attention of people who helped the women’s tag team champions win.
  • Braun Strowman def. Elias tro pinfall after a powerlam run. After the game, Shane McMahon hit Strowman with his hoof, with no impact on the big man. McMahon then ran from the ring, making Strowman claim that McMahon’s knee looked OK and put down the challenge for WrestleMania, which McMahon accepted for “any game” that Strowman was playing. request.
  • In the final part of the show Randy Orton promised to finish The Fiend before the night was over, introduced Alexa Bliss, who told Orton to be careful what he wanted before the lights went out. Fire burned from the ring posts and the Fiend was in the ring behind Orton. Orton took a can of gas out of a bag he carried to the ring and threw gas at The Fiend, which was not moving. Instead of firing maids, Orton hit RKO. After Bliss entered the ring, the Fiend rose to his feet, locked Orton in the mandible shore and hit Sister Abigail before Bliss signaled the WrestleMania sign. The show ended with an official announcement of a match between Orton and The Fiend at WrestleMania.