World Economic Forum says CLIMATE CHANGE has destroyed Venus – RT World News

When it comes to fighting climate change, the boffins at the World Economic Forum believe we can learn from the planet Venus, whose oceans and milder climate have been destroyed. All in all, and no one on Venus ever drove a car.

“We can learn a lot about climate change from Venus, our sister planet,” read an article on the World Economic Forum website this week. According to the post, new scientific modeling has revealed that surface temperatures were similar to modern Earth in Venus, with oceans, water and even snow.

That all changed when continuous volcanic eruptions erupted enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to make the planet a relentless desert, as it is today.

Massive volcanic eruptions, which occur here on Earth every 20-30 million years, could do the same for our planet, a WEF article warned, permanently changing our planet as that could never consume fossil fuels.

Such an apocalyptic prediction, and to forces of online startups, dispelled the WEF’s argument that humanity must urgently move to a carbon-free economy in order to survive global warming – all parts of the ‘Next Major-position ‘post-coronavirus’ was the group and its supporters in politics.

“If only the Planet Venus had listened to the scoldy poor teenager,” tweeted conservative pundit Stephen Miller, apparently referring to Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who had a credit war against fossil fuels gaining the upper hand last year.

While cataclysmic volcanic eruptions could eradicate carbon emissions, vehicle bans, or the ‘Green New Deal’ introduced here on Earth, the WEF article did not mitigate the impact of human-induced climate change . He did not mention it.

If that happens, the WEF already has its eyes on the moon, and it predicts that “Gold Rush” in the coming decades, when companies and governments tried to cut bare space rock its thorium, uranium and precious helium.

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