World Economic Forum jokes to compare climate change with Venus on Earth

World Economic Forum jokes to compare climate change with Venus on Earth - RT World News

When it comes to fighting climate change, Boffin of the World Economic Forum believes we can learn from the planet Venus, which has been damaged by the oceans and temperate climate. All this, and no one has ever moved a car in Venice.

“We can learn a lot about climate change from Venus, our main planet.” Read one website on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website this week. According to the Post, a new scientific modeling has revealed that the Earth’s temperature at Venus has been similar to today’s Earth, full of oceans, water and even ice.

That all changed when a series of volcanic eruptions released enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to keep the planet going.

The massive volcanic eruptions that occur every 20 to 30 million years on Earth could do the same for our planet, a WEF article warns, permanently transforming our planet in a way never consume fossil fuels. Can.

This is not to say that climate change has not been caused by humans here on Earth – that unlike Venus, we are convinced that it has been inhabited (and inhabited) for some time.

But such a prediction is positive, and a group of online commentators have slammed the WEF’s argument that humanity must move desperately towards a zero-carbon economy to avoid global warming – all parts of the post-coronavirus. .Great reintegration into politics by the organization and its supporters.

“If only Venus had heard of the infamous scoundrel,” Conservative pundit Stephen Miller tweeted, making clear reference to Swedish climate activist Greta Thumberg, who made the fight against fossil fuels top news last year.

While a catastrophic volcanic eruption could eradicate a carbon tax, vehicle ban or ‘Green Deal’ on Earth, a WEF article did not rule out the impact of human-made climate change. I only mentioned it.

If that happens, the WF has already set its sights on the moon, and prophecy A. ‘Gold rush’ In the coming decades, as companies and governments plan to export its barium thorium, uranium and barium helium.

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