Women 50+ are largely represented on the best TV shows

NEW YORK, March 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – To commemorate Women ‘s History Month, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) today released “Shattering Stereotypes: How Women Today Over 50 Redefine What It Can screen, at work and at home ”, part of the Nielsen Multiple Fact Series. Using current analysis from the recently launched Gracenote Inclusion Analytics, the report finds that women over the age of 50 are underrepresented on major TV shows and when they are seen , they often play stereotypical roles.

“Through this report, we aim to raise awareness in the media industry of women 50+ who are such a vital part of our communities and families,” she said. Tina Wilson, Nielsen EVP, Analytics. “They’ve damaged a lot of glass roofs in life – as business leaders, community activists and carefully balanced careers – but the media industry is missing out on showing those facts. Advanced content creators and logos know the value of changing that. “

When it comes to production on TV, Gracenote Inclusion Analytics shows that on-screen men outnumber women (62% screen time vs. 38%), even though women make up more than half of US population. But for women over 50, who represent 20% of the population, time drops on screen to just 8%.

When women over the age of 50 are placed in shows, the stories are often based on matriarchal and motherly themes. On the other hand, in shows with high female representation, but where none of the female members were over 50, the main topics were interesting, getting away and secret situations, interviews and gripping disputes. Women 50+ rarely see themselves in content, and when they do, they often get the impression of a woman who doesn’t fit their multifaceted relevance, or reality.

“The 50-plus woman is successfully redefining these years as her new prime time! But while we are more active, ambitious and more influential now than ever, she is studying ourselves on screen affects how close to invisibility, ”he said Sandra Sims-Williams, SVP, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at Nielsen. “As the leader of Nielsen’s DE&I team, I want to raise awareness of the power of my peers through our perceptions of the media we consume and how we consume it. “

What women over 50 want to see on screen is as diverse as they are:

  • Highlights include Sunday Night Football, red carpet events, talent contests and Jeopardy specials.
  • In 2020, the top 10 prime-time broadcasters featured diverse core members. Over the series they watched the most, and women averaged 46% of screen time.
  • The top 10 list of most watched series for black women and Afro-Latinas over 50 was dominated by weekly NFL kickoffs, talent contests and prime-time dramas with black female directors.
  • Asian women over 50 watched the most news programs compared to their peers across other racial and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Spanish talent shows, award shows and novels were the most popular types of programs on broadcast TV among Hispanic women.
  • The main broadcast shows among same-sex female spouses and partners over 50 include main characters who are lesbians.

These women also look more at content on internet-connected devices. Premature use was up 51% for women over 65, year over year (2020 – 21) outperforming women 50-64 and women overall. They also use devices to keep up with their lives on the go, with 70% smartphone ownership.

For more information and to download “Shattering Stereotypes”, visit nielsen.com/inclusionanalytics. To learn more about Gracenote inclusion analysis, visit https://www.gracenote.com/video/inclusion-analytics.

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