” Within 8 months we’re in a situation where funds hear about us ”: Noname revealed with $ 25 million raised

The startup, which was founded just this year, is developing a platform for securing APIs, and the company’s CEO claims that despite existing players in the market, they have an advantage over the competition.

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Israeli startup Noname Security, which develops a system for securing APIs, announced today (Tuesday) that it will exit Stealth mode with a $ 25 million fundraiser. Investors in the company include Lightspeed, Insight Partners and Cyberstarts.

“Within 8 months we have reached a situation where funds hear about us”

Noname Security has developed the only security platform that allows organizations to identify and secure all APIs in the organization, whether they are managed by the organization, consumed by the organization, or intended for internal use. Noname’s platform, based on agent-free information gathering, provides corporations with a complete snapshot of the activities and API threats in their environment.

The platform they developed at Noname is integrated without any modification of the enterprise network, integrates with existing IT infrastructures and provides companies with transparency, security and control of every API, whether it is routed through the API Gateway or not.

But what is the difference between Noname’s system and that of a large Israeli startup in a field like Salt Security? Oz Golan, CEO of the company and one of its founders, says In conversation with Giktiim Because ‘first generation’ solutions built all of their architecture based on a partial vision of the software interfaces, through integration with the organization’s ‘central’ API Gateway. Since then, all Gateway API companies have begun to provide the same protection that first-generation solutions provide in higher quality – but the truth is that no organization knows all the APIs it has, certainly those that are not routed through the main Gateway – and there are hundreds of them. . All this, of course, assuming that the organization in general has such a gateway. “

He added that Noname’s technological advantage over market competitors is that the company’s platform does not depend on integration with the Gateway. “Despite the significant technological challenge, the platform does not require any software installation (agent) or any network change on the client side – but manages to provide real protection for all the organization’s APIs,” said Golan.

Noname Security was founded this year by Golan and Shai Levy, the company’s CTO. The two met during their military service in Unit 8200. The company employs about 30 people at the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto and in its offices in Tel Aviv, with research and development areas concentrated in Israel.

How has the fact that you are a small company founded just before the outbreak of an epidemic affected your ability to recruit?

Golan: “We are experiencing unprecedented growth and only in the coming month we have increased the workforce and customers 1.5 times. Giant companies continue to be added to our list of customers. On the economic side, within eight months we have reached a situation where funds hear about us, understand the unique technological benefit we bring to the market and want to join our journey. ”

Golan also said that the company plans to use the capital raised to significantly increase the platform and improve it by developing new capabilities, which of course will require the recruitment of additional developers. In addition, the company plans to expand its sales and marketing activities in the United States at the same time.

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