Will the world of culture open as early as next week? all the details

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Guy Guttman, spoke today (Sunday) with Anat Davidov on her program “Where’s the Money” on 103fm about the cultural return outline announced last night in a summary between his ministry and the Ministry of Health, and said: “The world of culture Shows, any producer who wants can open a box office and hold a show. ”

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What’s going on with the world of culture?
“First of all, after quite some time, there is finally a line for the bruised cultural world and it will happen next week. In the discussions that are taking place now in the Corona Cabinet it could very well be that it will be preceded by a day or three, we do not know yet.”

Even to get ahead?
“Yes yes. There is definitely such a chance. Anyway at the moment we are talking about next Tuesday. For us it is less significant if they are a day or two ahead. The world of culture, as you probably know, can not open from moment to moment and must be prepared for it properly. Opening on February 23, and from that day it is certainly possible to hold performances. I would like to say that some of the cultural people called and invited us to performances. For example, at the Jerusalem Khan Theater there will be a play on the same day. “Rehearsals. If a producer wants to have a show, he can open a box office and have a show. The same goes for stand-up comedians who want to start performing.”

How will this take place in terms of the audience?
“We are talking about 75 percent hall occupancy. I mean, up to 300 people indoors and 500 in an open hall. This is our first beat. A green note at the entrance, and a meticulous purple note inside. All ticket buyers will be able to sit together and there will be a seat available.”

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Let’s talk about sports – the fields are bigger. Are you going to open that too?
“Right. We’ll probably do that next time too, but with bigger numbers. We understand it should be gradual, and believe that in March we will see a crowd in the pitches. There are a lot of entrances and the crowd can be divided to avoid unnecessary crowds.”

As stated, according to the outline formulated in recent weeks under the leadership of Culture Minister Hili Trooper with the Ministry of Health, it was decided that cultural performances, museums and public libraries will resume next week, on February 23, while maintaining the green mark.

Details of the exact layout, including the conditions of entry to museums and libraries, will be published in the coming days. The outline will be activated subject to the level of morbidity and government approval. This is the first beat in the opening outline and later the audiences will expand and the numbers will be increased as part of the opening.