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    WWE TLC: Boards, Ladders & Chairs closes out a 2020 pay-per-view calendar for the company in a year of turmoil and conflict.

    WWE has often tried to distract from the real world, however, so there’s no better time than right now to end the year with a bit of a surprise.

    These surprises could be as different as an unannounced allotment for an unused star or as much as a major product or title change. Anyone could take a shower and give the WWE Universe hope that 2021 will be better than 2020 for wrestling.

    While it’s easy to throw out wild options that could happen in the most ridiculous situations, it’s more interesting to consider the dangers that WWE has posed – and perhaps this is the right time for the company take a few chances.

    Whether that means competing off an unstable champion like Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre or bringing in an unexpected talent for showering, here are some the wildest prophecies that could come true at TLC Sunday.

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    Sasha Banks has a reputation as a champion: Her title doesn’t last long. She has successfully defended her title once in this new rule at the SmackDown Women ‘s Championship, but that reputation is falling.

    Carmella returned with a new look and a new show in November, and has been The Untouchable. If she really lost in her first big game back in the ring, that could put her off completely.

    Both women are well regarded by competition ancestors. Either could carry the blue brand into the new year. It might do the best for The Boss to do that, but Carmella’s influence would make fans speak.

    It’s all a matter of WWE’s WrestleMania 37 plans. It looks like whoever wins this tournament will make it to The Grandest Stage of Them All as the champion. The company would completely burn out the title if they thought there was a better story.

    Carmella walks a slope in a new light. If she wins, her new role will be confirmed.

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    Roman Reigns can never get away with the bullying and humiliation of his own family. Soon enough, Jey will catch Uso, and it could happen at WWE TLC.

    The title game against Kevin Owens feels like a fill-in pit, but The Prizefighter has left a lingering question in Uso’s ear: Is Jey using it with his cousin?

    Uso could have stepped in to help the Tribal Commander, but Reigns would again leave him hanging. That’s unfair to the man who put his livelihood on the line for the universal champion.

    It hasn’t gotten worse lately because Reigns recently hit his own cousin with a steel chair. Jey is too proud of these attacks not to hide it.

    If Uso were involved and kept the Tribal Chief from winning, it would be a lasting moment. No one would forget. Uso would have embarrassed his family and taken food off their tables. He would have given that to another family man in Owens.

    KO is one of the best in the industry and could easily carry the flagship SmackDown after a year of hiatus.

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    Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler have terrified Raw for months. Their latest tragic act was to hurt Lana, making sure she couldn’t compete at TLC.

    However, this has set up a secret partner for The Empress of Tomorrow to challenge WWE women’s tag team winners.

    Money wise would say Charlotte Flair will return and win her first tag team titles to become a Grand Slam champion, but there is a more exciting option.

    Naomi has been out of TV since she was drafted in the WWE draft in October. The reason for attending was explained on her Instagram (h / t H Jenkins from Ringside News), where she said she had surgery to remove a fibroid.

    This type of surgery takes some time off, but it looks like she will be ready to return to action at TLC. This sets up a perfect storm: Fans have demanded that Naomi get a chance to shine, and she has unparalleled chemistry with Asuka based on their limited interactions.

    A big return from SmackDown women’s vice-champion would get everyone talking, but a huge impact for Naomi might just be stealing the whole show.

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    Would anything surprise you when it comes to WWE? A sacred story is not enough to change. With the recent move between Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, it ‘s only right that she play a part in one of The Fiend’ s big games of 2020.

    The Goddess has turned her back on her best friend, and it’s time for The Twisted Sister to show off her subtle side. She can do that by working with Randy Orton against Bray Wyatt.

    On the surface, Cross should be a hero in this story. She’s just trying to pull Bliss back from the darkness. However, in some cases the Goddess plays a deranged opposition instead, leaving the Scot as a deranged heel.

    For this story to work, something must be provided by Orton and Wyatt. They can’t keep going around each other. Bliss is the key, but first the Viper needs help getting his hands on it.

    While a country idea, Cross could use the opportunity to return to her old character. Her chaotic energy has been held up for too long, and she should be ready to destroy things again.

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    Drew McIntyre has carried the WWE Championship with pride and deserves a long title rule where he wins the best. However, WWE is not likely to hold a title for someone for too long.

    AJ Styles made its impact in 2020 by making the most of opportunities. This was the year when he played Boneyard’s undefeated game with the Undertaker at WrestleMania 36 that ended with The Deadman riding to sunset.

    While the Miz is shining with the newspaper Money in the Bank, few expect it to successfully make money on MacIntyre. Styles are a different matter, though. He has been undeveloped since Omos joined him, which gives him a huge advantage in TLC game.

    The Phenomenal One has made the most of every title opportunity. WWE rarely likes to go too far without gold, and would be a great WWE champion again. His chances in opponents are endless on the road to WrestleMania.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s just when for Styles as the title owner. It may not be right for him to win the WWE Championship at TLC, but the chance will be a big concern for MacIntyre.