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Knitted News23.03.21 07:49 Y. Nissan Tishpa

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Gilat Bennett, the wife of the chairman of the ‘Right’ party, Naftali Bennett, published an exciting post in which she calls for voting for Bennett today. The post became popular with thousands of comments and hundreds of shares.

The full post by Gilat Bennett

Why Naftali // Gilat Bennett

Why choose Naftali? Because I would like you, the people of this nation, to believe in good. That this person standing before you, who is the most talented, brave person you will ever meet, is truly here for you and wants your best. And for himself, he asks for nothing.

Bennett in response to his wife Gilat’s affair (Photo: Srugim)

He is interested – and he can – fight our wars with the worst enemies – with wisdom, cunning and courage, and win. As he did when he saved the country from the disaster that Hamas planned for us in the tunnels, as it solved the terror of balloons, as it stopped transferring the terrorist money to terrorists.

He wants – and he can – to launch this country to economic heights that we probably did not dare to dream possible, but for our children it is critical that we get there.

He is interested – and he can – leverage every field in the country, well-being, through health, tourism and education, simply because he knows how to harness the most talented people in every field, formulate a clear goal for them and let them fly forward.

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He is interested – and he can – talk to all parts of society, from secular to ultra-Orthodox, and mobilize them to cooperate for a united cause. He can, because he never raises his hands, and makes the impossible happen.

Choose Naftali, because when I asked friends to help me write this column, they sent me such a long and breathtaking list of achievements, no less – in education, economy, security, preservation of the Land of Israel, strengthening Jewish identity in Israel and the Diaspora – that I realized that sacrifice, we, his family , Do all these years – worth it.

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Choose him because despite the elephant skin he needs to withstand the pressures he faces, at home he continues to take out the garbage and wash dishes, stay humble and remember what really matters in life.

Choose him because this entire talented person is guided by one goal: to strengthen, rehabilitate, repair and march forward this beloved country. And I know, how much he keeps sleep out of his eyes for this purpose, and how much his heart beats for each and every one of the citizens of our country.

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