Who will benefit more from Ronaldo’s return to Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s name has recently been linked to a possible comeback for Real Madrid, after Spain reported that the Portuguese phenomenon had expressed a desire to return to Blancos before his agent Georges Mendes. If indeed the star leaves and such a move happens, the Spanish ‘Marca’ have analyzed the pros and cons of the move, and which side will benefit more if CR7 returns to juggle in the capital under Zinedine Zidane.

The benefits:

Guarantees goals from the first moment:
It does not matter that he is 36 years old, Ronaldo scores in almost every game and this season too he sets a fantastic average at Juventus, when he already has 30 goals in 34 games this season and 95 in 123 games in almost three seasons in the old lady.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Reuters)Cristiano Ronaldo (Reuters)

The desire to win:
In Real Madrid, the phenomenon pushed his teammates to win titles, did not allow them to relax for a moment on the pitch, and with him the whites were deadly. CR7 was the most significant player in the 4 Champions League wins in the previous decade.

The marketing benefits:
Ronaldo’s impact on social media is huge, and if he returns to Blancos then they will get tremendous power on the business side, something the team definitely needs following the Corona crisis. Just ask Yuva how many followers cost her from the moment he joined.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Reuters)Cristiano Ronaldo (Reuters)

The “romance” effect:
Ronaldo’s return will also bring back the smile to all White fans, who were very upset by his departure in 2018. He will come with far fewer expectations, earn less, but from every action of his the audience will rejoice, meanwhile from home and later from the stands.


Short-term investment:
Ronaldo is not young and this is not a signing with a thought for the future, so in terms of the money that will be poured in on behalf of the team, it is not certain that this is the right move. In addition, at the moment the Blancos are in any case not signing long-term players in the current policy, and this will often create rumors about his future.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the heat (Reuters)Cristiano Ronaldo in the heat (Reuters)

Will bring goals, but also all the “other things”:
The Portuguese may almost always win, but that means Real will have to deal with other issues that characterize him, such as rage, a desire to play every possible minute, kick the penalties and maybe even locker room problems he already had in Madrid in the past.

Other stars will not arrive:
If CR7 signs, it will likely reject future stars Killian Ambape and Arling Holland, who will want to lead the team and will not be able to do so when Cristiano is there. Ambape, for example, adores the Juventus star, so if he plays with him he will be “in his shadow”.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Killian Ambape (screenshot)Cristiano Ronaldo and Killian Ambape (screenshot)

The highest salary:
It has already been reported that Ronaldo earns 31 million euros, and Real Madrid is willing to pay him less, but will still have to part with about 25 million euros per season for the Portuguese to return to play for them. Right now the whites are in trouble with the contracts of Sergio Ramos, Luca Modric and Lucas Vasquez on salary matters, so if you add CR7 to the equation, it will not be easy for Real.

Bottom line – Real will gain a scorer and a sense of joy for the fans, Ronaldo for his part will continue to score at a dizzying pace, there is no reason not to, but such a move is not sure particularly smart for the future of the club and perhaps also for the player himself.

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