WhatsApp is the most popular mobile app in Brazil

WhatsApp is the mobile app most commonly used by Brazilians and for longer periods of time, according to a new study conducted by Brazilian technology news and research website Time Mobile and polling company Opinion Box.

Brazilians open WhatsApp more often than other apps: 54% of spoilers name the messaging platform as the app they open the most, followed by Instagram (14%) and Facebook (11%). When it comes to total time on apps every day, WhatsApp was called by 29% of respondents, followed by Instagram (24%) and Facebook (20%).

In terms of the presence of apps in the home screen of smartphones, WhatsApp also has the home screen of 56% of devices, followed by Instagram (45%) and Facebook (43%).

Moreover, when it comes to video calls and conferences through apps, WhatsApp is the preferred alternative, cited by 93% of survey participants, followed by Messenger (34%), Zoom (32%) and Google Meet / Hangouts (32%).

Mobile games are also among the most popular apps among Brazilians, the survey noted, with 66% of those surveyed saying they play frequently on their phones. Free Fire is the most cited game, mentioned by 14% of those surveyed.

Some 2,003 Brazilians with internet access via smartphones participated in the survey between November 6-23.

A separate study conducted in July by the Brazilian business school ESPM on mobile app usage during the pandemic found that WhatsApp is the most popular app in Brazil. The study sought to understand the impact of app use in user habits under the constraints introduced by the social distance measures.

WhatsApp is the mobile device that Brazilians have been the most used since the outbreak of the pandemic, cited by 97% of those who reported the poll as an essential tool to go around their daily activities since the advent of the new coronavirus revolution. The second most popular app is Instagram, cited by 88% of survey participants, followed by YouTube, mentioned by 75% of respondents.

Netflix movie streaming app was called by 68% of respondents, and Zoom video conferencing platform was mentioned by 52% of those polled. Other popular apps mentioned included iFood food delivery app, cited by 41% of those surveyed, as well as Amazon Prime Video (24%), TikTok (23%) and Microsoft Teams ( 16%).