WhatsApp distributes audio / video notifications to desktop users

WhatsApp with Facebook stock photo 6

  • It is reported that WhatsApp is sending audio and video notifications to the desktop app.
  • This seems to be a very small publication for now.

WhatsApp added audio and video calls to the service in 2015 and 2016 respectively, quickly gaining traction as one of the most popular calling platforms. Unfortunately, these calls were limited to the mobile app only.

Fortunately, WABetaInfo reports that audio and video calls are now being streamed into the WhatsApp Desktop app. Unfortunately, this seems like a pretty limited launch for now, with the buttons also getting beta tabs according to the tipster.

Nevertheless, those who received the feature should be able to see the buttons in the cat band, next to the search icon. Check out an early image of the feature below.

WhatsApp Web Desktop calls

You still need to connect your phone to the desktop app as you would expect, but apparently audio or incoming and outgoing video will be taken through your computer. We hope you can make use of third-party microphones and cameras as well.

Have you enabled audio and video calling on WhatsApp Desktop? Then tell us in the comments below! Another thing, you may have to wait a few weeks if you haven’t already.

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