What’s next for Karrion Kross and NXT Champion Finn Balor?

An enigmatic Scarlett devise an immediate alliance between Karrion Kross and Finn Balor, which culminated in a chain reaction of blunders and betrayals. Balor opened a broadcast March 17 NXT with lyrics for Kross, who soon joined him in the ring. The tension seems to have been building between the two before their game started at NXT TakeOver: Stand up and deliver. Their tete was stopped Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, who accused Balor of having his opponent at Stand and Delivery their stable should, Pete Dunne.

Scarlett largely ignored the suggestion that Lorcan and Burch face Kross and Balor in a title bout for the NXT Tag Team Tournament. The crowd at Capitol Wrestling Center praised the proposal, although it was clear that Balor and Kross were an uneasy team. Announcer Wade Barrett He pointed out that Scarlett ‘s role at Kross’ s side seemed to be causing chaos until Kross comes to the fore. Kross’ s teaming with Balor certainly went back to this point, but at first it wasn’t clear how.

Karrion Kross and Finn Balor vs Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Karrion Kross opened the action, hitting Oney Lorcan hard with a dress line and suplex. Lorcan was picked up in Danny Burch, who Kross quickly dressed. He then got caught in a wild bear hook on Burch, putting a sad pressure on his lower back. Burch struggled to get out and was badly beaten by the cross by Kross. When Lorcan got into the cradle, Kross grabbed both Lorcan and Burch and threw them. Burch reached particularly hard behind the neck.

Finn Balor’s stock looked up, watching Kross at work. Balor stepped in and quickly managed to get Lorcan down and put them down. Lorcan broke free from the lock and put Balor’s arm, holding it to the floor. Lorcan Balor moved through, shoulders down, but Balor managed to turn things in his favor and put Lorcan through before releasing a dropkick. It mirrored Lorcan’s earlier movement and focused his arm, inserting it.

Lorcan fought free and took control, knocking Balor from rope to post, kicking and covering. Lorcan grabbed Balor and handed him, but the NXT Champion kicked out. From there, Lorcan sent several punches to Balor’s jaws, a vulnerable spot after being badly injured. Balor kicked Lorcan and took control of the action, handling Lorcan around the ring, knocking him down and taking out a double stomp in his chest. Balor Lorcan shook up and over the ropes. Outside the ring, he sent a sling blade to Lorcan, and then a dropkick.

The victory not only put Oney Lorcan on the fly but beat in Scarlett. Anxiety was swirling around Scarlett. Finn Balor, clearly with the accident and how he fell, walked over to look at her. This angered Karrion Kross, who attacked his de facto tag teammate and sent him into the ring. Lorcan grabbed Balor, and covered him, retaining NXT tag team titles through pinfall. Kross quickly thought he needed to clear Lorcan from the ring to get a clear view of Balor, so he went to work on Lorcan. He sent a Doomsday Saito suplex to Lorcan, leaving him unstable, and then a suplex to Balor. Scarlett suddenly succeeded in stopping Kross’s block and looked at Balor with a mind as he lay unconscious after Kross’s energetic attack.

Scarlett grabbed the NXT Balor Championship belt over his chest, and secretly handed it to the unmoved champion,
“Everything happens for a reason: you can’t escape the fate. ”

What now?

What is Scarlett’s poem, or rather, for “The Prince” of NXT? Something about Finn Balor has suddenly made him valuable to Scarlett’s plans for Karrion Kross. She may see Balor’s loss at Stand and Delivery so close, putting the NXT Competition in the hands of Kross paramour. However, she may have a game beyond her mind: reawakening the Demon King. Since returning to NXT, Balor has been working under the direction of The Prince and has not shown any signs of a return to the more complex, fan-favorite character. However, that supernatural mystery of Kross and Scarlett could change. In Balor, Scarlett may find an opponent who can push Kross to new frontiers over a punishing rivalry, unleashing the creature that fascinated her when she looked into his eyes: the Demon King.

Whether a game is so long in Scarlett ‘s cards or not, Balor’ s anger with Balor does not begin, and there will certainly be no forgiveness or forgetfulness when the two have gone at NXT TakeOver: Stand up and deliver.

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