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Eric Chopo Moting Celebrates (Reuters)

Eric Chopo Moting Celebrates (Reuters)

The story of Eric Chopo Moting is not heard every day. Last night (Monday) it was reported that Bayern Munich’s midfielder was cut off from Cameroon’s squad in the current national team break following the African team sending the email for its summons to itself and not to the player, but today (Tuesday) the Cameroonian association itself responded to the case with a version contrary to what was published.

A published report states that the Cameroonian team wanted to summon Chopo Muting for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers, but accidentally sent the email to herself, now, the Cameroonian team attributes the bizarre misunderstanding to the Bavarian team, which claims to have received the email about the player’s summons. Did not notice him.

“The national team coach sent an email to each player with a copy to each player’s agent and club,” the Cameroonian association said in a statement.

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