“What bothered me most was that Barça said I was too old”

ONE System | 22/02/2021 23:24

Luis Suarez Celebrates (Reuters)

Luis Suarez Celebrates (Reuters)

It is doubtful whether Atletico Madrid has so far known the addition of Luis Suarez Will be significant for her this season. One thing is for sure – he knew. The Uruguayan striker was left by Barcelona in one of the delusional decisions made by the management that has since resigned in Bartomeu’s possession, he in turn has opened a dream chapter in the Spanish capital.

So far this season in 20 appearances in La Liga, Suarez has scored 16 goals and “On the Road” broke a long line of records and recorded milestones. Now, the 34-year-old striker gave an interview to French football network France in which he talked about the burning issues: “What really bothered me with Barcelona was that they said I was too old and could not play at a high level. This is what hurt me. Barcelona dumped me, they said they did not trust me. I deserved a certain respect. “

Luis Suarez Celebrates (La Liga)Luis Suarez Celebrates (La Liga)

He added: “If I had not shown anything for three or four seasons I would have understood, but I have scored more than 20 goals each season, I have always had good statistics. Many acquisitions did not live up to expectations at Barça, but I did what was expected of me. I realized that I was not in the plans, I chose Atletico because the club is ambitious and wants to achieve. “

Arrival in the capital: “My family has been used to Barcelona for a few years, it is difficult to explain to children why one should leave when they have life and friends in the city, but it was a welcome step. I never gave up, at no point in my career did I want to show that I could still be trusted. ”

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