Weissman instead of Dabour, Arad will open alongside Tibi and Peretz

World Cup Qualifiers, Europe 20-21

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Doron Ben Dor

Team players and Ofri Arad (Radad Jabara)

Team players and Ofri Arad (Radad Jabara)

After the home loss to the quality Denmark team, the Israeli team under the guidance of Willy Rotensteiner is already facing a well-known meeting with the counterpart from Scotland tomorrow (Sunday, 21:45) at Bloomfield Stadium as part of the World Cup qualifiers.

According to the concluding training Rotensteiner intends to make a number of changes in the squad compared to the squad he started against Denmark. The change in the center of defense is the placement of Ofri Arad alongside Maccabi Tel Aviv players, Dor Peretz and Eitan Tibi, which means that Louis Taha will open the bench again. Neta Lavie will open with a link alongside Beavers Natcho when in the front it will be possible to see Sean Weissman at the expense of Davor who did not complete the training and is in doubt. Valladolid striker will open alongside Eran Zehavi, with Manor Solomon also playing at the front.

Manor Solomon and Willie Rotensteiner (Radad Jabara)Manor Solomon and Willie Rotensteiner (Radad Jabara)

Even before training, the Austrian coach, who hopes to get first points in the current campaign, spoke at length with Dabour, who was injured but did not suffer a serious injury and may start in the squad against the Scots. Rotensteiner then briefed Manor Solomon and explained to the player on the tactical board what the requirements were of him.

Estimated composition: Ophir Marciano, Eli Desa, Eitan Tibi, Dor Peretz, Ofri Arad, San Menachem, Neta Lavie, Beavers Natcho, Manor Solomon, Sean Weissman and Eran Zehavi.

Mons Dabour and Willy Rotensteiner (Radad Jabara)Mons Dabour and Willy Rotensteiner (Radad Jabara)
Eran Zehavi (Radad Jabara)Eran Zehavi (Radad Jabara)
Eli Desa and Mons Dabour (Radad Jabara)Eli Desa and Mons Dabour (Radad Jabara)
Team players and Ofri Arad (Radad Jabara)Team players and Ofri Arad (Radad Jabara)
Louis Taha (Radad Jabara)Louis Taha (Radad Jabara)
Liel Abda (Radad Jabara)Liel Abda (Radad Jabara)
Biram Kiel (Radad Jabara)Biram Kiel (Radad Jabara)
Sean Weissman (Radad Jabara)Sean Weissman (Radad Jabara)