Weight loss story: “I lost 13 kilos in 9 months with homework and ration control”

My breakfast: My breakfast consisted mostly of fruit. I used to mix 2 different fruits like apple or papaya or watermelon or guava. I am literally fond of fruit. On days I didn’t want fruit, I would go for eggs and bread.

My lunch: My lunch included anything made at my house. Any cooked vegetable along with 2 chapatis

My dinner: I would prefer a light dinner first. Like sprouts or daal or eggs. I avoided carbs at night and had some sort of protein every day.

Pre-workout meal: I used to have a banana or peanut butter sandwich before work.

Post-work meals: First I went straight for dinner after work since I worked out in the evening. But later I turned to a protein shake to incorporate more protein into my diet.

I include (What you eat on your fake days): Instead of fake days, I believe in fake food. However, I tried to limit it and enjoy my daily diet. I was trying to limit my junk foods to once a week and I had ice creams or pizzas.

My job: My job included body weight exercises and they worked wonders for me. For 6 months I only did HIIT and body weight exercises. Then I moved towards carrying weights while doing bodyweight exercises.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Butter sprouts or peanut sandwich or paneer sandwich.