“We will block Road 6, want to live”

The mourners’ family mourns: “Jews are called to help us”

Relatives of the brothers Ahmad and Muhammad Sharqiya, S.Shot yesterday (Friday) To death While driving after an ambulance in which their nephew was rushed to the hospital, it is alleged that all three were shot as revenge on the family – and without doing anything or taking part in the conflict. Sheriff Sharqiya, a cousin of the two brothers, claimed: “This case is not clear to us. Two guys are driving on the road, why stop and kill them? Where are we?”.
Ahmad and Muhammad SharqiyaAhmad and Muhammad Sharqiya

“One was quiet, the other loved nature.” Ahmad and Muhammad Sharqiya

Amir Abu Hussein who was murdered in Baqa al-GharbiyaAmir Abu Hussein who was murdered in Baqa al-Gharbiya

“The best grandson.” Amir Abu Hussein

MK Odeh: “Our lives have become condolence visits”

The brothers followed their nephew, Amir Abu Hussein, after he was shot in Baqa al-Gharbiya. A few hours after they were murdered, the death of the 25-year-old nephew was also determined at the hospital. According to the residents of Baqa and Jat, the three were known as good people in the two localities – the two brothers are residents of Jat, and the nephew is a resident of Baqa al-Gharbiya. They claim there was no known conflict in which the three were involved, who were murdered as “revenge for something unknown”.

According to residents, the killers wanted to murder another person in Amir’s family – but did not know how to reach him. So, they claim, they fired at the car that was driving after the ambulance where Amir was. According to residents, it did not matter to the killers that innocent people belonging to the same family would die. Since the beginning of the year, eight people have been murdered in Baqa and Jat, two of them from the Abu Hussein family. Last year, another Baqa resident from the same family was murdered.

The mourning tent in Baqa al-GharbiyaThe mourning tent in Baqa al-Gharbiya

“We do not know who is next in line.” The mourning arbor in Baqa al-Gharbiya

The mourning arbor in Baqa al-GharbiyaThe mourning tent in Baqa al-Gharbiya

“We are not a violent society.” MK Odeh in the mourning tent

“The eldest of the brothers is Muhammad, 45,” Uncle Sharif said. “He loved nature. He had a jeep that he would take to the territories and rivers, he would travel every Saturday. He was also more than once in Africa, he loved to enjoy his life. Besides, he also loved his family, was married with three children.”

“Ahmad, 33, was also married with three children,” he added. “He was an electrical practical engineer and worked as a freelancer. He was a quiet guy and had no glitches or problems. We all wonder what happened, why exactly are they?”

Who are you blaming?
“I do not, I blame those who killed them unjustly. Two guys driving on the road, why stop and kill them? What is it? Where are we? I also have complaints to the police, that should take things in hand. It can not be that our situation will be like this.” .

The mourning tent in Baqa al-GharbiyaThe mourning arbor in Baqa al-Gharbiya

“To eradicate organized crime gangs.” The mourning arbor in Baqa al-Gharbiya

Are you afraid to smile?
“I never thought about it, but I see it, you can be afraid. What did they do? They drove, and were suddenly killed, so every human being now will be afraid of himself. We do not know who is next in line and what the reason is. You may be looking into someone’s eyes. “And suddenly there was a noise.”

“Young guys need to buy guns, how far have we come?” He concluded. “This is the current situation: two or three guys bring money and have weapons. For what?”

Jamil Abu Hussein, Amir’s grandfather, said: “They murdered the best grandson. He graduated with a high average grade, and started a small business from which he made a living and within which he was murdered. He was an honest man in every way, we have never heard him hit. “Someone. He was killed in cold blood.”

Suspicion of double murder in Sharon: Two men were found shot in the vehicleSuspicion of double murder in Sharon: Two men were found shot in the vehicle

“Life has become condolence visits.” The scene of the shooting at the brothers, tonight

(Photo: Raanan Ben Tzur)

Suspicion of double murder in Sharon: Two men were found shot in the vehicleSuspicion of double murder in Sharon: Two men were found shot in the vehicle

(Photo: Raanan Ben Tzur)

“I call on the Jewish citizens – help us eradicate the phenomenon of murder and violence,” the grandfather said. “If there are no solutions, then they and other people in my family will be murdered. Enough erosion and contempt on the part of all parties. It cannot be that Arab society has a million and a half citizens who cannot deal with a few thousand criminals who control everything. It is time to deal with them.”

The chairman of the joint list, MK Ayman Odeh, told Ynet in the mourning tent in Baqa al-Gharbiya that “there are five things that need to be done – collecting unauthorized weapons, eradicating organized crime gangs, protection and the gray market – and deciphering the cases. All these things are in the hands of the police. “

He said, “We are a non-violent society at its core, 20 years ago we did not know what murder was. When we heard that one was murdered we felt the air turned black. What has happened to us in recent years, especially in the last year, is something unacceptable. Our lives have become condolence visits. Today we are on our condolence visits. “

The vehicle drove behind an ambulance – and was shot

(Photo: Shamir Elbaz, Raanan Ben Tzur)

“I send a clear message – if our lives are not natural, the life of the whole country will not be natural,” Odeh added, announcing a protest that will take place soon: “We will close Road 6 as early as Monday at nine in the morning. They are the most basic things for every citizen in every country – we do not want weapons, we do not want gangs and we want them to decipher the cases. ”

Following the assassination, a meeting of dozens of participants took place, including Knesset members and senior members of Arab society, in Baqa al-Gharbiya. However, MK Mansour Abbas, who is in charge of the Knesset violence case, did not attend the meeting. In recent days There was an explosion in the joint list Between the Abbas party owned by Abbas and the other members, after it refused to support the dissolution of the Knesset.

Baqa al-Gharbiya mayor Raed Daka said: “It hurts us very much. It is time for us to fight the criminals and get them out of us, no matter what the price. It is mandatory to demonstrate in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other places – until the phenomenon of murders disappears.”

Following yesterday’s murder, the number of murders in the Arab sector in Israel has risen to 108 since the beginning of the year. The High Monitoring Committee of the Arab Public said that the blockade on Road 6 on Monday will be carried out by a convoy of vehicles that will travel slowly from Wadi Ara to Jerusalem.

Only on Thursday morning Another body was found, Of Bedouin leaves, with marks of gunfire. The body of Bedouin, A 30-year-old resident of Kafr Qassem, was found on Road 557, near the Tanim checkpoint in Sharon. Police are investigating a suspicion of murder, but also other directions.

Bedouin’s body was found a few hours after Tiger Suleiman, 46, was shot dead in a garage he owns in the Galilee town of Reina. The suspects, masked, fled the scene. Another man was moderately injured in the shooting.