We went crazy, finally: the attitude towards the team lost all logic

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It took Moses 40 years to lead our difficult people to the land. What did he not go through on the way? Joy, sadness, rebellion, wars, victories, accusations and basically everything you just want and can imagine. 40 years of walking in the desert without Wise and with two million Israelis on his back. Think how hard it is.

He succeeded thanks to his determination, tenacity and faith. The belief that it is possible. He did not look for culprits, but focused on the goal: to free the people of Israel from slavery. Practically and mentally. It was not easy, but perseverance paid off. He also succeeded thanks to the back he eventually received from the Creator of the world. Imagine what would have happened if Gd had replaced him after every fall of his group along the way. We would probably live in Sharm el-Sheikh today.

For three days I read the analyzes, the reviews, the news and the commentaries, and I have to admit it confused me a bit, even startled at first. So much so that for a moment I was convinced that I had changed citizenship and moved to the land of the samba or Rahmana to the shadow in Germany. Hebrew was a bit suspicious that I was still here, but it was my wife who reminded me that under the auspices of the Corona we had not moved anywhere for a year, and made it clear that it was not me who went beyond the borders, but the world of sports.

In short, believe it or not, all the headlines did talk about the Israeli team. And it’s weird, because a stranger who read them, was convinced there was a huge sensation here, something on a global scale. For example, that Brazil lost to Suriname, that LeBron surrendered to Danny Abdia in the fight for the MVP title, that Trump defeated Biden, or that we finally have a decision in the election. But no, all the headlines are about the “shameful” loss of the Israeli team against Denmark. What a failure, what a disappointment, what a depression.

Friends, we’ve gone crazy. suffix. There is no other word to describe what is happening here after the team games. No proportions, no truth, no logic, no intellect or patience, and then we are amazed that for 50 years we have not reached a big tournament. And how do we get there, if after every loss of the Blue and Whites we execute the national coach?

To remind you, many good ones have stood here on the lines. In fact, the best in Israeli football were given the opportunity to lead the national team to the World Cup or the Euros. Along with them were also quite a few coaches who came from overseas. We even tried combinations, pairs and professional managers. Nothing helped and none of them managed to meet the difficult task.

And this is an important point to emphasize and mention: In the difficult task. And in other words: they did not fail, but simply did not succeed. They could not do anything out of nothing, they could not get water out of the rock. So now everyone’s on the head of Willie, who in all his impudence lost to “the cuckoo” Denmark, the one that is ranked “only” in 12th place in the world, and is considered the best team at home. The same team that gave us the lead in the past and has not lost in the first game of the qualifiers for 20 years.

In my humble opinion, Beavers Natcho should not be opened and replaced by Muhammad Abu Fani, Neta Lavie, Dan Glazer and / or a few other names who will be thrown into the air. I also think that Lior Rapalov should have been invited, if only to show appreciation for the excellent player, but from here to what has been written and said, the distance is as great as our distance from the World Cup.

The Israeli team played against an excellent opponent and the emphasis is on playing. Denmark is superior to us in almost every parameter, but for long minutes it is not at all manifested. In fact, except for the first 20 minutes that were characterized by battle shock, we fought on the field. We fought and tried. When did you see the team press so high against a team from the top of the world? When did you see the team believe it is possible, even after an early lag?

The frustrating second goal, has nothing to do with anything and anything, and was more reminiscent of goals we score and absorb with the guys at Saturday morning games. He took the wind out of the sails, but by then it was blowing hard. That national spirit that we were so lacking. So what do we do for three days? Instead of preserving and even strengthening the same backbone, we are producing a media storm. It may be fun and easy at the moment, but let’s see where we touch with that counter-spirit. Hint: Where we have come 50 years. And in the spirit of the holiday: even Moses found the Promised Land much faster.

So today, against Scotland, it’s time for us to stop examining every minute, every pass and every kick or miss. It’s time we stopped looking for where the coach is to blame and realize that he is, at least for now, the national leader and given him an absolute back. It’s time to dump her and move on. The time has come for us to emerge from self-destruction to true freedom thanks to the gate of Manor Solomon, or Eran Zehavi.