“We have been significantly harmed”: KS is angry at the verdict

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The KS residents refuse to calm down after they claim they were deprived of a loss against Hapoel BS. This morning (Wednesday) the club sent an angry letter to the referees ‘union: “We are addressing you after waiting in vain for the conclusions of the professional committee of the referees’ union regarding another game with refereeing errors that deprives our team.”

“The issue of refereeing errors in the Kiryat Shmona games is particularly frustrating, since not only is this repeated week after week, the many mistakes in our games are repeated year after year.”

The letter further stated: “Last year already in the first eight games, the VAR mistakes and the referees hit us significantly, when later in the season our team was even in danger of relegation.”

The Knesset stated that they claimed to have been deprived of Maccabi Netanya, Maccabi Haifa and, as stated, of the Knesset: To be the season if in some cases the judges would whistle according to the law and justice. “

“Unfortunately, Kiryat Shmona does not have the media power as the large groups in the country have and therefore these mistakes are not addressed at all in the cycle coverage programs, and if they do, it is minor, which certainly does not contribute to media pressure and consequently some effect on our uniformity in judges’ decision making.”

KS’s criticism is also directed at other directors and institutions: “Also in terms of the corona grants from the state, KS received the least and that is what we” deserve “for playing in Kiryat Shmona and not leaving for a larger alternative stadium where thousands of rival fans can be hosted today. “And to increase the income (and hence the grant) it is sad that this is the attitude to the periphery and who works for it. Probably a false eight, not part of the State of Israel.”

Following the letter from the union, they claimed that the Knesset wanted to know why the union did not issue the professional committee’s reference to the events. The reference will come out after the completion games that take place tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the team is preparing for tomorrow’s game against Betar Jerusalem. The team will hold the concluding training at Wingate and leave for a hotel in Jerusalem where it will stay until the game. Kobi Refuah may make changes to the team that lost in Rishon Lezion, these ball is expected to be absent Also Amir Ben Shimon.