“We can’t accept this distinction”: Kyrie Irving fires up at NCAA for favorable treatment given to male athletes compared to women at March Madness bubble

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving beats out at the NCAA about the stark difference between male and female resources at March Madness.

Kyrie Irving has always been one of the most exciting stars in the NBA. The star has rarely been a diplomat, and often just states his opinion completely, no matter how horrible it may be at times.

This time, though, it stands up for a cause that’s worth it. And the issue at hand is honestly a shame, and almost a disgrace to today’s women’s game. Some things need to change, and Kyrie Irving seems to have chosen to stand up for the cause.

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“We can’t accept this!” Kyrie Irving is angry with the resources of the women in the NCAA semi-bubbles

As many know, the NCAA has formed a bubble to go ahead with ‘March Madness’ which is a joy for many.

In these bubbles, it is up to the NCAA to ensure that athletes get the resources they need. However, while the group has gone higher than again for men, the effort has not been matched for the women.

After noticing this on social media, Kyrie Irving accepted the setting on her Instagram story.

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Irving has had some controversial views before, but this is not one of those situations. This is a reason why not only players but even the spectators of the tournament need to get behind.

These players are not paid by the college setting. But the NCAA is earning millions because of their efforts. They are the least they deserve the resources and amenities they have been promised.

We hope that the NCAA quickly addresses this problem and provides a major overhaul of the facilities and facilities they provide for women.