Watch Westbrook direct her loss

Washington’s loss to Detroit tonight (Thursday through Friday) was a game that fans in the United States capital would rather forget. The Wizards looked very bad and Danny Abdia also suffered from a weak shooting day (0 of 4 from outside the arc), but there was one special moment that every Israeli basketball fan, including Danny, had been waiting for a long time. For the first time, the Israeli rookie and Bradley Bill collaborated.

While Abdia played 32 minutes, Bill spent only 15 minutes on the floor, and the rest of the time he managed to do a fitness workout. Washington media later released a video showing Russell Westbrook (who did not play against the Pistons) targeting Danny Abdia and giving him a lecture on defensive substitutions (video above).

As mentioned, between Saturday and Sunday at 02:00, the Wizards will meet the Pistons once again, again at their home stadium. After resting in the previous two games, we may get Russell Westbrook’s debut in a Washington uniform.

“The thing I like most about Danny is his fighting spirit, he’s not afraid of anyone,” he said Bill After the first game of the two. “He had a great game against Brooklyn and a game tonight. He needs to watch the video and see where he can get better. I want to see him more aggressive on offense, and look for the ring more, but that will come with time and with his adolescence.”

“I need to play better,” he concluded Abdia Himself after the 97-86 loss. “Actually, we all need to play better. I did not hit outside the arc today and I was not aggressive, but it’s not a big deal. I will continue to take my shots.” In those times when the Washington rookie was aggressive, he provided beautiful moves, including three baskets in penetration.

Abdia later also talked about his adaptation to the NBA: “Also in the previous interview I said I was not going to be perfect, everything here is new to me. I will be honest and say it will take me time to adjust, I am human and I make mistakes. I will continue to work hard and I think as a team Bright future”.

Also, after the game at the club, the release of the three young players was announced: forward July Childs, guard / forward Caleb Homesley and guard Marlon Taylor.