Watch: The Israeli soldier who drives Tiktok crazy

Watch: The Israeli soldier who drives Tiktok crazy

The universe has a strange sense of humor, as Yuval Meidan, who became the craziest ticking star you do not yet know, will testify to that. It all happened thanks to one video, both hallucinatory and amusing, shot during her military service out of boredom.

For Maidan, there is no ticking at all, but that did not stop her from becoming a huge star, after her video garnered millions of views, likes and shares around the world. The video was originally filmed in 2019, when Meidan was a soldier in regular service. What’s in it you ask? Crazy laughter. This. That, it seems, was enough to disgrace the network and make Meidan a star.

“I’m a natural actress by birth. I like to drum on everything, to go crazy, to make laughs. My friends know I’m like that, one who does craziness,” Meidan tells us about creating the weird video that drives the network crazy. “One day, a friend of mine who served with me offered to film me in one of the crazies, and it’s this video that the whole world is freaking out about.”

Even in real time, when the video was shot, it caused a stir on the net. “The person who filmed it sent the video to companies and it was published in several pages of the army. You know how it is, one passes to the other, and suddenly boom, my laughter became the most viral thing on the net. She is a global star in China, Russia, USA, Europe. It caught on insanely. Tens of millions of views and likes, thousands of shares, something really abnormal. “

Dan Poonmeier and Meidan’s video

Like any online trend, Meidan’s video has disappeared. “And suddenly in the last week someone in Tiktok got on it again, spread it and all the prey back.” Dan Poonmeier, one of the creators of the “Phineas and Ferb” series, who also dubs the character of the evil scientist Dr. Heinz Dupenschmirtz, watched the amusing video and decided to release it in his own version. “Within a few days the video he distributed garnered more than 13 million views. It is almost inconceivable that all this is happening as my own.

Isn’t it a little weird that you’re a crazy tiktok star and you don’t have a tiktok?

“Wow, totally. I have to open an account already, right? But I’ll tell you what I’m worried about this whole social networking thing. They’ve a crooked mirror of reality. “That go around these sites more than once and teenagers and children are exposed to them. It’s stressful. I want to open an account that I will have the ability to influence for the better. Upload positive content.”

The video has gone viral and distributed worldwide, with each version garnering hundreds, thousands, and even millions of views and today you can find more than 7,000 videos of different users and many surfers have even suggested turning the video into a ringtone. The responses also come in thousands and in all languages, including of course an alert Israeli presence in the best tradition. “You saved 2020”, the surfers joked in the comments and wondered if it was an authentic or staged video, with the commenters from Israel being proud of their personal acquaintance with Meidan and swearing that it was completely real.

There is an obvious question that we have refrained from asking until now. You probably know what it is, right?

“Yes,” she laughs. “You want to know if the laughter is real,” right? So let’s say so. It’s very similar to the real thing. So much so, that it had already happened to me after I started to get a little “advertised” on the net, that I laughed at the bus, and people stared at me and asked me if I was the soldier from the movie of laughter.

So what’s up here? Are there collaborations on the horizon? A guest appearance on Pinas and Ferb? Background Sounds on Beyonce’s Next Album?

“The truth is that I really want to develop my acting career. Acting and what’s it in my blood ever since. I have an agent and I go to auditions every now and then. And yes, I’ve already received offers for reality and you know … “Contact. Do you think I should write to him and ask for royalties? (Laughs) In the meantime, by the way, great country, I’m here.”

A message to the nation to end?

“Laugh. If possible – in the dumbest way in the world. It will make you stars.”