Watch the documentation: When Avraham Fried moved Aviv Geffen

After announcing their joint song that will be released next week, a special video was released in which Avraham Fried is seen holding a video call with Israeli singer Aviv Geffen from his car in the United States | “I hope we will be the messengers to unite the people. If there was a need for unity over the years, now even more is needed. “

As part of the public relations campaign for the new duet of the great Israeli singer Aviv Geffen with the great Hasidic singer Avraham Fried, the two released a video in which Aviv Geffen is seen calling to tell Avraham Fried that he heard the song and was excited. “Thank you very much, it’s an honor for me.”

Abraham Fried replied that “I hope we will be the apostles to unite the people. If there was a need for unity in all the years, now even more is needed.”

As you may recall, the singer and creator who was once called “the great Israeli singer” Aviv Geffen surprised his hundreds of thousands of followers on social media yesterday (Wednesday) when he announced that next week he will launch a new duet with the great Hassidic singer Avraham Fried.

On behalf of Geffen’s PR, they hinted earlier this week that “by surprise and without warning, Aviv is expected to release a new and very surprising duet”, adding that this is “something very explosive and big that will make a crazy noise for reasons you will soon understand” It will be especially dramatic. “

The new duet unveiled this morning

Also yesterday the surprising duet was not officially unveiled, but indirectly when Fried and Geffen uploaded the same cover to the networks. The name of the new song as revealed from the unique cover is “Drought”.

Only recently did Fried release the heartbroken song together with the religious singer Hanan Ben Ari, this is a period after he renewed old Israeli songs such as “Rak Tefilah Asha” and “Someone always goes with me”.