“Watch out”: Listen to Danny Abdia practicing with a microphone

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It is not every day that the Israeli audience has the opportunity to watch an Israeli actor on the most prestigious parquet in the world, so when it finally happens, it is worth documenting every moment – and that is exactly what is done in the US. Danny Abdia got to move while plugged into a microphone.

“It’s pretty cool, be careful what you tell me in training today,” Abdia warned at the start of training and gives the impression that he has already grasped his social status. Below, you can also see Russell Westbrook’s defensive explanations of the Israeli diamond, the quintet with which he practiced abduction and dessert, a dunk contest in which he took a central part and will put a smile on your face.

“It’s fun to see Westbrook share explanations for the loss,” analyzed Dave Johnson, a Washington commentator who delivered the training live. “In the first preseason game against the Hunts he was not afraid, no matter if Durant stood in front of him or anyone else. He just attacked the ring and didn’t miss shots. His versatility, and I know it’s a word thrown into the air quite a bit lately, is the way to survive in the NBA.”

“It’s true, the league is becoming positionless and that’s what Danny brings to the table,” Glenn Consor, another Washington commentator, replied. “What impressed me most about Abdia is his sense of the game. You see it a lot in guys like Doncic and players who come from Europe, and I’m not saying he will follow in his footsteps, but the fact that he is not in a hurry and does not panic is impressive. He understands when Cut, when to throw and he works hard. ”