Warzone cutscene seems to end with the usual Modern Warfare story • Eurogamer.net

And pull out reach soap.

The new Call of Duty: Warzone cutscene seems to end the current Modern Warfare story – and takes on the arrival of John “Soap” MacTavish as a new actor.


This new cut, obtained after completing the latest set of Warzone intel missions, shows Captain Price killing antagonist Victor Zakhaev and thwarting an attempt to attack nuclear launch.

At the end of the cut, we see Price and fellow 141 Action Group members, Nikolai, Alex, Ghost, Kyle and Farah leave to deal with the ongoing conflict, calling on Soap to enter the battlefield .

YouTuber Geeky Pastimes, who is targeting Call of Duty Easter eggs, appears to have been the first to complete the intel missions and publish the cut:

That seems to be the current story of Modern Warfare as it progressed from the quest into the forgotten Special Ops mode and then into the Warzone royale battle. But it turns out that more content is coming to Modern Warfare – despite the game ‘s progress now with season 1 of Black Ops Cold War.

According to Modern Warzone, Modern Warfare is ready to acquire two new operators, including Soap, three new weapons and several new maps. If this is true, it will go some way to leaving Modern Warfare fans who feel that the game should not leave a year behind as Activision ‘s priority shifts to the Cold War of Black Ops and Warzone.

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