Vikings: 10 Ways Last season changed the show

The Vikings finally came to an end, but that was not at all what everyone expected. Compared to his first season, the show changed dramatically.

Vikings it finally came to an end and last season was as loud and bloody as could be expected but not everyone expected it. Last season deserved the last repurchase of the Lothbroks and a path to peaceful existence in England and Norway. It took many stories and characters to change to achieve both purposes.

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This season Ubbe ‘s transformation came into the best version of Ragnar Lothbrok that one could have hoped for. He became Lothbrok’s legacy savior discovering the harbor his family had been searching for during the show. Ubbe wasn’t the only one to change last season though.

10 Death of Ivar

Ivar was always going to die on the battlefield but not because he chose. When Bjorn defeated him in Kattegat, Ivar’s story seemed to be over until he was rescued by the Russians. His time with Oleg made him more and more dangerous and humble until he was unbelievable.

He retained his cunning nature and used it to force Russia to fight alongside him against Bjorn but when he lost, it was time to die. His death was supposed to be in the hands of one of the people he was so badly injured but that last season changed. The Finale allowed him to choose his own way of dying even when he deserved worse.

9 Hvitserk was baptized

Hvitserk events in Vikings

Hvitserk Lothbrok was Ragnar’s least valued son throughout Vikings. He didn’t seem to serve any purpose other than being Ivar’s tent and making a lot of wrong decisions. However, last season, Hvitserk got a brain for himself even though he didn’t use it much.

He continued to support the losing team, but this time it was of his own free will. Belief in Norse gods was the only thing Hvitserk was always sure of, so no one would have expected to be baptized in England and of all the names he took, assume it is called Athelstan. His head was accepted, however. Last season Hvitserk bought slowly until he finally deserved the name Ragnar.

8 Bjorn marries two wives

Bjorn marries Ingrid and Gunhild

Polygamy in Scandinavian culture is one part that the show was not explored until the sixth season. When Ragnar tried earlier to try to marry Aslaug and Lagertha at the same time, he sank when Lagertha parted with him. The exhibition affirmed the importance of all Scandinavian women who honored them especially in marriage.

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The women also had a lot of freedom because they could move out of the marriage whenever they wanted, but with Bjorn, it was very different. His marriage to both Gunhild and Ingrid was a move away from the move the show had maintained since the first season.

7 Gunhild commits suicide

Ragnheiður Ragnarsdóttir as Gunhild

Gunhild was a strong woman with pride and was never likely to die for anyone. In fact, the idea of ​​someone committing suicide was because their foreign lover died in the first five seasons of Vikings. Gunhild loved her first husband so much that she came to fight him against King Alfred, but she did not kill himself because he died.

When she met Bjorn, at first she seemed to be arguing about her feelings towards him. She was even open to Bjorn marrying Ingrid while married to her and even showing a relative warmth regarding Harald’s advances. Drowning with Bjorn in Valhalla made no sense.

6 Ubbe’s New World

Ubbe discovered North America

Ubbe was the best Lothbrok but no one could think of finding out about the new world in the first five seasons of the show. He was more comfortable sitting back and letting the rest of his family lead. Last season, Ubbe took on a new form of becoming more like Ragnar with more curiosity.

His first voyage landed in Greenland, an unexpected twist. Vikings. Like most previous Viking discoveries, Greenland turned tough and tested Ubbe to its limits. Then he discovered the new world believed to be North America which also caught a lot of eye.

5 Harald was elected King of Norway

Crown of Harald King of Norway

The first five seasons of Vikings they were all about winning Ragnar and his family and the royalty of Norway was no different. The crown in Daneland always went to the strongest and quickest in this case Bjorn.

Harald was a weak leader who failed in most of his attempts to seize power and failed to form lasting alliances. It is clear that Bjorn was the most deserving king of Norway considering his ability as a leader and hero. However, for the first time, the show denied Lothbrok more than the impact they had won.

4 Death of Lagertha

Kathyrin Winnick as Lagertha in Vikings

Lagertha was the greatest winged maiden in all seasons of Vikings and he certainly deserved the honor of dying on the battlefield or in bed at a good old age. Last season she was denied for prophesying that she would die at the hand of Ragnar’s son.

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The sad part was that the killer was crushing Hvitserk and that Lagertha was completely defenseless and had only come to seek help. It was a difficult ending for the veteran and a major shift from the show’s culture to giving the Lothbroks the end they deserved.

3 Ingrid Witchcraft

Lucy Martin as Ingrid in Vikings

Witch enters Vikings! That was a big turnaround. The show was about ordinary things that happen when two different worlds meet. Religious and family conflict were the main issues dealt with and the means of gaining admission Vikings was always through human ability.

Then came Ingrid who looked like a big woman who got Bjorn swept off her feet. She was then a contender for the Kattegat throne and suddenly, she was performing rituals to turn Erik blind and become queen. After all the fighting and strife in Kattegat, giving the crown to a witch was no coincidence.

2 Elections in Kattegat

Queen Queen Ingrid of Kattegat

Democracy as a whole was not a concept explored by the first five seasons of the show. Last season he was introduced by King Olaf; or a form of it, when he had kings and Jarls choosing one king for all of Norway.

For Kattegat, there did not appear to be any other worthy leader who was not in Lothbrok. The leadership under Bjorn gained more liberalism and renewal until it came to an end in the election. It was a remarkable end to the throne on which so many people had died because it had always been won by blood.

1 Alfred’s last victory

Ferdia Walsh-Peelo as Alfred in Vikings

The English did not always have a definite influence on the show as the first five seasons tended to live between the Vikings and the Saxons. Harald and Ivar’s alliance seemed to be failing but the show’s traditional approach would have seen it end in sleep.

The English had previously been influenced by relying on the help of a Viking friend but this time Alfred had none but he still won. The show had a remarkable effect on the English who seemed to have given Alfred more credit than he deserved.

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