Video appears to show Walmart Fight Over PS5 Console

An online viral video shows two women fighting violently inside a Walmart store, according to a report over a PlayStation 5 gaming console.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 easily one of the hottest products of the holiday season, so it is unfortunate that it is so scarce. Thanks to the COVID-19 scams, bots, and scalpers, many PlayStation 5 console users have found it very difficult to get their own. Unfortunately, this scarcity has led to extreme violence in the world, with the latest incident taking place at Walmart near Charlotte, North Carolina.

First reported by TMZ, Walmart had an altercation between two women on Dec. 13, according to a reported fight over a PlayStation 5. The fight escalated into a full-blown fight between the women, one with a hoodie and a jean jacket on the other. Early in the fight, the woman in a hoodie got the win over the woman in the jean jacket, stood over her and punched her again. The fight came to an end after the woman in the hoodie fell again on the other woman’s head, apparently knocking her out in the process.

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The violent change was shared online by Twitter user _justkeith, and the cookie has gone viral. Despite video evidence of the incident, however, police apparently did not arrest anyone, as the two women had already left the store before reaching the scene.

Situations like this could very well be one reason why Walmart is going to move PS5 sales online. Not only will that hopefully keep people from fighting in Walmart stores over PS5n, but it could also ensure that people don’t gather around the electronic segment and could creating a dangerous COVID-19 environment.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that violence has exploded over next-generation consoles. Near the release of PlayStation 5, Toronto police warned that people trying to sell consoles online were stealing them and threatening weapons. There have been similar reports elsewhere as well, which is a good reminder that people should always be careful when trying to sell something through online marketplaces, especially when which is a high-value item, with high demand like PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, the PS5 shortage issue seems to be continuing well into 2021. But on the bright side, efforts are being made at least to make sure that people actually get their hands on PS5 consoles instead of automatic bots. To put it bluntly, Walmart banned 20 million bots that tried to claim PS5 replacement units, and UK politicians have considered banning scalping altogether.

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Source: TMZ

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