Varen and his thumb will leave, Rosa and Mali swinging

It will be interesting in the capital of the Negev next year. Alona Barkat’s return to the front, the devaluation of morbidity and the return of the crowd will lead to an increase in Hapoel B’Shlosha’s budget in the 2021/2022 season, the sports channel has learned.

However, the owner will set the budget only after knowing if the team will play in Europe next season, when even a fourth place may suffice if one of the top three in the league wins the state cup. At the moment, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Maccabi Haifa and MS Ashdod, who lead the table, have advanced to the quarterfinals.

Unlike last season, the club will not cut player contracts. But those with whom the club management will want to extend the agreement will have to settle for lower amounts than those who earned before the cut.

Roni Levy wants to concentrate on raising the team to a place that will guarantee a ticket to Europe. But at the same time, the club is working behind the scenes on staff changes, and they will not be minors. Apart from Dor Micha who concluded his terms, Matan Balteksa and Idan Vered who may be taken into account, Levy will look to sign a left-back and a foreign striker.

BS will try to reach an agreement with Jonathan Agudlo on leaving, and it seems that Farley Rosa and Marcelo Mali will not continue in the red either. Spori will return to the squad, and those who are also expected to finish their way to the south are Anthony Varane and Sean Goldberg.

David Keltins, who was injured in a meeting with Bnei Yehuda, will undergo surgery on his hand today after one of his fingers left the place. According to the doctor at Soroka Hospital, the recovery procedure is expected to take several months, but it appears that the player will return to activity with a special brace within five weeks.