Valverda, Vinicius and Benzema in the Real team against Salta

Spanish League 20-21

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Karim Benzema Celebrates (Reuters)

Karim Benzema Celebrates (Reuters)

After seeing the Champions League draw that summoned Liverpool in the quarter-finals, Real Madrid will try today (Saturday, 17:15) to continue the positive momentum and stubborn battle for the championship title when they host Salta Vigo for a difficult battle. The game, like all Spanish league games, will be broadcast on channel ONE for HOT subscribers, yes subscribers, Cellcom TV and Partner TV.

Real Madrid: Thibaut Courtois, Lucas Vasquez, Rafael Varane, Nacho, Perlan Mandy, Casimiro, Luca Modric, Tony Cross, Federico Valverda, Vinicius Jr. and Karim Benzema.

The Blancos are in third place in the table and are only 6 points away from the leading Atletico and two less than the second Barcelona while the three teams are very strong in the battle for the top spot. On the other hand, Salta is in tenth place in the table and hopes to climb a bit. Real Madrid have disappointingly accepted the schedule that awaits them next month. In just one week, the Whites will face Liverpool (6.4), Clasico against Barcelona (10.4) and the rematch against Klopp (14.4). Not easy days await Zidane and his players. The one who is not in Real’s squad for Salta Vigo is Sergio Ramos.

A tough away game for Real Madrid against Salta Vigo

The young midfielder of Real Madrid, Rodrigo, Was interviewed and told about the ambitions: “Of course we can win titles this season. Last year we were behind Barcelona in the table but we collected a series of victories and won the championship, should do the same this year as well. Clasico? It’s an amazing feeling, a week before the game you already feel it. “Everyone who dreams of football wants to be a part of it, it’s an honor.”

Rodrigo (Reuters)Rodrigo (Reuters)

The Brazilian also praised his compatriot, Casimiro, for the season: “He is just a phenomenon. A person who helped me from the moment I came here. I saw him play on TV and thought he was awesome, but now I realize he’s better than I thought. Kasmiro is without a doubt the best back contact in the world. “

Casmiro (Reuters)Casmiro (Reuters)

Zindin Zidane Said ahead of the game against Salta: “We have to continue on the same path of the last period. I only think about the game against Salta and nothing else. Reviews? This is the world of football, I feel lucky that I coach Real and enjoy every day, should rejoice at every moment because it will end one day. The rest is not up to me. Everything is going to be difficult and complicated, no simple challenges ahead and the schedule does not leave too much time. Players have a passion and hunger to achieve the degrees. The Czar? All we want is for him to recover and return to enjoying football. “

Zindin Zidane (La Liga)Zindin Zidane (La Liga)