Valencia escaped embarrassment at the end of extra time

Valencia escaped embarrassment at the end of extra time

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The King’s Cup final of the 2019/20 season has not yet been held, but the first rounds of the factory for the new season have already begun. Tonight (Wednesday) some of the top Spanish league teams have entered the circle, and one of them has been almost rather embarrassingly eliminated in the last 128 stage.

spoken In Valencia, Who fell behind with a double lag against Terrace from the fourth division, but took advantage in the final minutes when it equalized before the end of legal time, and then in overtime managed to turn 2: 4 on the way. Carlos Soler scored in the 83rd minute for Pendel, and 18-year-old American Yunus Musa equalized in extra time. It was then Gonzalo he filled with a double in overtime that won the Bats the game.

Other senior groups that were less difficult were Villarreal (0: 6 over Liou from the third division), Athletico Madrid (0: 3 over Kardashar from the fourth division) And Levante (0: 5 over Racing Murcia from the fourth division).

Results of other prominent teams from the first two leagues:
Buniol (Fourth League) – Elche 2: 1
Rinkon (Fourth League) – Alabs 2: 0
Koroshu (Third Division) – Malaga 4: 0
Cordoba (Third League) – Albacete 0: 1
Hospital (Third League) – Almeria 4: 1
Jagostra (Third Division) – Espanyol 1: 0 (after extra time)
Torlabega (Fourth League) – Zaragoza 2: 0
Gihuelo (Third League) – Majorca 1: 0