Vaccine Preparation: A comprehensive response with all the information

Vaccine Preparation: A comprehensive response with all the information

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Why is it important to get vaccinated against the corona virus?

For more than a year, the corona virus has spread around the world and so far has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people in Israel and more than a million who have died worldwide. The virus continues to spread daily and disrupts the routine of our lives. The guidelines of the Ministry of Health are intended to interrupt the infections as much as possible, but they cannot completely defeat the virus.

A vaccine will prevent the virus from continuing to spread and will allow a return to routine. It will reduce the number of corona sufferers, the number of people hospitalized for a serious illness, and of course the number of coronary deaths.

Who should be vaccinated against the corona?

The vaccine is recommended for almost the entire population, but first and foremost for those who are in the risk groups, as they are at high risk of contracting a serious illness and, God forbid, even dying if they become infected with the corona virus.

It is important to know that the new vaccine for corona is not based on a live virus and there is no fear that the virus will multiply in the body.

Who should not be vaccinated?

Currently the only contraindication to receiving the vaccine is a severe allergic reaction that has caused hospitalization in the past, for those who need an epinephrine syringe available at any time.

The vaccine has not yet been tested on children under 16 and pregnant women, so it is not currently recommended to vaccinate these groups. The recommendation at this stage is to postpone receiving the vaccine until after the end of the pregnancy and breastfeeding, for reasons of extreme caution, as is customary with any new vaccine or medical preparation. However it is important to emphasize that there are pregnant women who have received the vaccine and it seems to be safe in this group.

I recovered from Corona, do I need to get vaccinated?

In the first stage of vaccinations, people defined as recovering will not be vaccinated. As more information is received about the length of time a person has been ill is protected from an illness, the guidelines regarding this may change.

How does the corona vaccine work?

There are several types of vaccines against corona. The vaccine that arrived in the country is a vaccine in which the substance injected into the body enters the cells and teaches them what a unique sign of the virus looks like. Following this study, antibodies are formed in the body against the same sign. After the substance injected into the body breaks down, the antibodies remain, and if the virus enters the body, the antibodies will recognize the unique mark, react against it, and prevent it from infecting the body and causing a serious illness.

This method has been studied for the purpose of creating vaccines against SARS and MERS, two corona viruses that almost caused a global epidemic several years ago. It is an effective and safe method of producing vaccines, and now other diseases are being researched against which this method can be used.

Is there no fear that the vaccinated will infect the corona through the vaccine itself?

You cannot get sick from receiving the vaccine because the vaccine does not contain the live corona virus.

What side effects does the vaccine have?

The typical symptoms of this vaccine are fever, fatigue, headache, aches and swelling at the injection site. These side effects are likely to go away in a short time.

It is important to emphasize that quite a few false rumors are common regarding the side effects that have no basis. Whenever you come across a frightening message related to the vaccine it is advisable to contact the Ministry of Health website to find out the truths of the information, and not to spread false rumors aimed at frightening and sowing fear.

There are no known side effects that appear after months and years of receiving the vaccine.

Why can the corona vaccine be trusted, if it is developed in such a short time?

First, the abbreviation made is solely in the bureaucracy and not in the efficacy tests of the vaccine, which has passed all the required tests. In addition, since this is a global epidemic, huge sums have been invested in these vaccines, but it is only natural that efforts will be invested in them beyond the regular vaccine, which allowed many researchers to be employed at the same time, without unnecessary delays along the way. In addition, unlike the development of other vaccines here, it was very easy to recruit tens of thousands of volunteers to test the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine, and since it is a worldwide epidemic, it was easy to recruit volunteers from a variety of countries to make sure the vaccine was safe and effective. Also, keep in mind that the technology used to produce the vaccine is not new and already existed, and development has only accelerated in the wake of the current epidemic.

For how long is the person who took this vaccine protected?

Since this is an innovative vaccine, it is too early to know the extent of the antibodies that the vaccine produces. So it is difficult to know whether a one-time vaccine is needed, or whether it is an annual vaccine like the flu vaccine.

When does the vaccine start to take effect?

The corona virus is vaccinated in two doses given three to four weeks apart. The protection with the vaccine begins after the first dose, but the maximum protection is about a week to ten days after receiving the second dose.

When do you start vaccinating the citizens of Israel and does the Ministry of Health require the citizens to be vaccinated?

Tens of thousands of vaccine doses have already arrived in the country. The first doses are intended to vaccinate groups at risk for severe morbidity as a result of the coronavirus as well as the medical staff. The vaccines will then be distributed to the general public.

The rumor about the duty of immunization is also a false rumor, and it is best to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health to get the reliable information.

How much does the vaccine cost?

The vaccine will be given for free.

Should I wear a mask when receiving the vaccine?

Yes. In all contact with people outside the household, wear a mask.

After the vaccination, is there an obligation to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health regarding wearing a mask, keeping a distance and more?

Yes. At this point, it is important to continue using all means to curb the pandemic, such as covering the mouth and nose by a mask, rinsing frequently, and maintaining a distance of 2 feet.

There are rumors that the vaccine penetrates the body and changes the DNA. To what extent is this true and is there anything to fear from it?

This is a false rumor. The vaccine cannot alter the genetic material of the cells.