US Covid-19 vaccine circulation: The first problems with pushing to deliver an emergency

The Pfizer vaccine was the first to gain emergency approval from the U.S. FDA and vaccines began this week.

Photographer: Bing Guan / Bloomberg

The first sensory reaction known to the Pfizer Inc. vaccine has been reported. Covid-19 in the U.S. in Alaska as some reptiles began to appear in an effort to spread the pictures across the country, highlighting the daunting challenges we face for a historic vaccination campaign.

A health care worker in Juneau, Alaska, reported no history of allergies and shortness of breath 10 minutes after being shot, the state health department said in a reported Wednesday.

The man was admithe was taken to the emergency room and given Pepcid, Benadryl and epinephrine via an intravenous drip. The patient stayed overnight and is in stable condition, according to the Alaska Department of Health.

Healthcare workers receive vaccines at a hospital network vaccination clinic

Vial of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

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The program follows reports of a number of similar reactions in the UK, where health officials advised that anyone with a history of severe allergies should not take the Pfizer vaccine. U.S. regulators last week recommended that people should be monitored for allergy symptoms for 15 minutes after receiving the bullet, which was approved for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration on Friday.

Pfizer coordinates with local officials, closely monitors all reports suggesting a severe allergic reaction and updates billing language if needed, spokeswoman Jerica said Pitts in a statement.

The incident came to light when the first hiccups in the U.S. vaccine circulation erupted on Wednesday, including a holdup in the delivery of 3,900 beats to two states and the news that Pfizer would deliver about 900,000 more fewer doses next week than expected to be scrapped this week.

With the release of the Pfizer bullet, a major effort began to move. Vaccines from two company production facilities in the Midwest are being sent to all 50 states, the first wave in a month-long campaign to protect as many people as possible and end a deadly pandemic. over 300,000 in the USA A similar image made by Moderna Inc. is expected to acquire US approval in the coming days.

One challenge in moving and storing Pfizer’s vision, which it developed with the German drugmaker BioNTech SE, is required to be maintained at ultracold temperature in special freezers and containers. Four delivery luggage of the photograph was withdrawn from delivery to California and Alabama this week and returned to the company because they were colder than expected, according to Gustave Perna, the army’s general-in-chief. serve as chief operating officer of Operation Warp Speed.

Each of these accessories can be used to vaccinate 975 people. Pfizer has stated that its formula must be stored at 70 degrees below zero Celsius, equivalent to minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit. These belongings were found much colder, according to Perna.

“We were not taking any chances,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday. Pfizer and federal health agencies are working to see if the formula can still be used when it reaches such low temperatures, according to Perna.

Pfizer uses the doses in temperature-controlled shipping vessels developed by its own engineers. Each device is equipped with GPS trackers “for continuous and real-time monitoring and temperature,” according to the company, which has a round-the-clock control tower that monitors all loads.

Less satisfaction

U.S. officials also said at the meeting that about 2 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be dispensed for the country next week, less than the 2.9 million available this week when the first pictures are taken. sent away. They gave no explanation.

Alex Azar, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, acknowledged product challenges previously announced by Pfizer. “As you know, they ended up coming short with half of what they thought they would be able to achieve and what they announced they would be able to achieve” in 2020 , Azar said.