US Army Chief of Staff toured Ghost Training Unit

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Chief of Staff and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Palmachim Base (Report)

Chief of Staff of the US Army General (4 stars) Mark Millie concluded a two-day visit to Israel. This is the general’s third visit to Israel since taking office and the last during the Trump administration.

During the visit, a panel of commanders was held, which included a strategic review by the head of the Strategy and Third Circle Division, Major General Tal Kalman, and an intelligence review by the head of the Intelligence Division, Major General Tamir Heiman. The reviews dealt with the regional security challenges in the Middle East as well as issues in the field of power building.

The panel was chaired by the Chief of Staff and alongside the American Defense Attaché in Israel, Brigadier General Charles (Chip) Brown, the IDF Defense Attaché in Washington, General Yehuda Fox, and the head of the IDF’s Foreign Relations Division, Brigadier General Efi Dafrin .

At the end of the event, General Millie participated in the Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony led by the Chief of Staff, to mark the eighth and final candle of Hanukkah.

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At the end of the visit, the General toured the Palmachim base, during which he was introduced to the land arm’s multidimensional unit, an elite combat unit for advancing combat methods in maneuvering throughout the arenas, and a purposeful display was presented that included advanced combat methods and technological capabilities.

In addition, the head of the Planning and Multi-Armed Forces Division, Major General Tomer Bar, reviewed the main points of Tanufa and the major power-building plans that the IDF is leading in the face of the challenges in the various arenas.

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