Until the next day at midnight: last attempts to prevent elections

The political hourglass is running out: If the state budget for 2020 is not approved by midnight the next day, Israel will go to the polls for the fourth time in two years and will be held on March 22, 2021. Meanwhile, as of midnight tonight, advanced contacts between the Likud and Blue and White have been reported, In political negotiations. Earlier, no significant breakthrough was recorded in the talks between the parties over the weekend.
As reported last October in “Israel Today”, officials in blue and white confirmed last night that they would be willing to postpone the budget a bit, for a clear outline in which Prime Minister Netanyahu will have no exit points for the election. This correctness apparently contradicts Gantz’s remarks on Facebook on Friday: “I led Blue and White and formed a unity government with Netanyahu because of the corona plague and the plague and division epidemic, and we will leave the government only if it works to eradicate both. There will be no compromises. “

The parties have only two days to try to prevent an election, and not only has there been no rapprochement but both sides, it seems, are climbing trees that will be difficult to get off. The Likud demands the removal of Nissenkorn from the Ministry of Justice or a reduction in his powers, and in blue and white declare that there is no chance that such a thing will happen. The Likud also demands a postponement of the rotation – which is also opposed in blue and white.

These are the four options

In blue and white, they mainly oppose the Likud’s demands, but also continue to insist on transferring the budget, even after the deadline they set, but in setting even clearer rivets. Also, appoint senior officials who are delayed. In the next two days, it is possible that even today, the picture will become clearer and we will know for sure where the Knesset is headed. One possibility is that the Likud and Blue and White will reach an agreement on the budget and the elections will be postponed for at least a few months. The chances of that are slim.

A second option is for the Likud to succeed in convincing its right-wing leader Naftali Bennett to join the coalition. A third possibility is that there will be no agreement on the state budget for 2020 until Tuesday at midnight, and then we go to the polls – the chances of that are high.

Will join the coalition?  H

The last alternative, which has a particularly low chance, is that the law to dissolve the Knesset will be approved next Monday in the first reading and then in the second and third readings – and the elections will take place at a time to be agreed between the factions.

Building on the effect of vaccines

Simultaneously with the debate over the approval of the state budget between the Likud and Blue and White leaders, the initiative to approve the law to dissolve the Knesset and bring forward the elections is also being lazily conducted. This bill was approved by the Knesset committee for first reading, but Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin was in no hurry to bring it to the Knesset plenum for approval.

From the conduct of Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin, it is clear that he is making every effort to postpone the debate and the vote on dissolving the Knesset in the first reading, in order to delay the final approval of the law. A senior official in blue and white Levin, as the Likud’s representative, opposes the approval of the law to dissolve the Knesset in the second and third readings, because he hopes that by Tuesday midnight a compromise formula will be found on the budget and then it will be possible to postpone the election for several months.

Hope for a compromise.  Yariv Levin // Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman Yaniv Nadav

As is well known, the Likud prefers that the elections be held in May or June and not in March, after the entire public has been vaccinated and the number of sick and dead from Corona has decreased significantly.

MK Moshe Ya’alon wrote last night on his Facebook account that “the continuation of the bad government or dragging the citizens of Israel to the elections, in the midst of a very serious national health and economic crisis, are lawlessness whose prices are heavy.” Constructive trust. “

Shas chairman, Minister Aryeh Deri, last night demanded that Netanyahu and Magnetz “find a solution tonight to prevent elections.”