Unknowingly helping name a nest after a Pokémon

An undead Pokemon fan helps name his nephew after one of the latest powerful Legendary Pokemon, even giving a wrong root.

Pokemon Sword and Shield players have been able to be particularly creative with theirs Pokemon personas are thanks to dynamic features like the game’s League Cards, but even before this time, fans of the series have known that the game has been referenced in their daily lives. Diehard fans sometimes name their pets after some Pokemon, for example, but even people who don’t add “Poke” or “Pika” to their words are heard from time to time.

In this case, one devout Pokémon Sword and Shield a fan and enthusiast apparently helped unknowingly sarcasm pay homage to a powerful Legendary Pokemon, and name his nephew, all in the same breath. In particular, Zacian is the Pokemon (and soon a nephew), the legendary Sword Wolf, and “Legendary Cover” for Pokémon Sword.

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The story was posted by Pokemon fan and Redditor, u / Bladehuraska. U / Bladehuraska was apparently traveling with the family in a van when the moment in question arose.

His relatives were talking about possible names for their child, and wanted the name to begin specifically with the letter “Z,” and to be unique. Meanwhile in the back of the van, u / Bladehuraska worked away at Zacian’s capture. Pokémon Sword. Apparently tired of hearing the baby name speech, he suggested that Zacian was a “cool name”, and even said that it meant “sword” in Japanese (no).

Seo Pokemon The fan’s family was impressed with the suggestion and in fact decided to name their soon-to-be “Zacian” child, apparently referring to the Japanese word for “sword.” As fans of the series may already know, Zacian is so well known and just because of the cyan vs magenta color theme that he shares with the other legendary title of the games. Apparently, another important man u / Bladehuraska is the only other person who is aware of the unfortunate misfortune that is separate from his sister, but instead of just avoiding the worries, the three revealing this truth to their family as his nephew arrives at Christmas time.

They hope to continue delving into the “joke” origin of the whole situation, and giving their friends a seasonal series. Pokemon product, apparently with a Zacian theme in mind. We hope that u / Bladehuraska ‘s nephew parents will take this forward, and embrace the true unity of their child’ s legendary name.

Fans have been quick to point out that whether or not parents appreciate this fun fact, the Zacian name still offers a measure of flexibility. That is, it is a dubious word, in terms of pronunciation. Zacian (theoretical nephew) may choose to go with “Zacian” as fans of Pokemon and the mythical myth, or, they can pronounce it in a reasonably different way.

For example, many fans suggest that the first syllable may be pronounced “Zay,” in case of real mistrust of the monster franchise. Although of course, many pull out if there is any Pokemon worth mentioning, they are undoubtedly the legendary type, like Zacian. Moreover, the name comes prepared with the name of a patron brother to be equal: Zamazenta.

Pokémon Sword and Shield now available on Switch.

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