UK confirms that new snoring viruses are spreading more rapidly

England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty on Saturday confirmed that a new coronavirus snore that has emerged in the country could spread more quickly and called for more public vigilance to reduce the spread. Whitty said London had notified the World Health Organization of its findings. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Monday that scientists had identified a “new variant” in the south of England that could cause diseases to spread more quickly. Britain saw issues rise and hospitalization surfaced this month and Prime Minister Boris Johnson was due to give a press conference on the virus’ situation on Saturday afternoon. The Prime Minister was reportedly announcing new travel restrictions for London and the south east of England before Christmas. “As a result of the rapid release of the new strain, initial modeling data and rapidly rising frequency rates in the Southeast (a group of experts advising the government) now believe the new strain can spread faster,” Whitty said: “We have warned the World Health Organization,” he said, adding: “There is currently no evidence to suggest that the new pressure is causing a higher or higher mortality rate. that it affects vaccines and medicines even though urgent work is underway to prove this. “Whitty warns that the new evidence has made it” more important than ever “that the public On Friday, 28,507 new daily positive tests were reported by the UK government On Friday, last week’s growth was 40.9 per cent on the previous week, with more than 1.98 million people has been deim in the UK. People in Wales and Northern Ireland are ready to move into new locks after Christmas. Johnson rejected a new lockout in England, saying on Friday: “We sincerely hope we can avoid anything like that.” “But the reality is that disease rates have gone up dramatically. in the last few weeks, “he said.

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