U.S. seniors push for broader deal in Iran without return to nuclear deal

Forty-three U.S. senators, many of them against the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, appealed to President Joe Biden on Thursday to work toward an international agreement that will address external issues just Tehran’s nuclear program.

The letter was released while the Democrat Biden administration is examining ways to restore the nuclear agreement that Iran withdrew with the United States and other world powers, but was abandoned in 2018 by then – President Donald Trump, a Republican who has lifted sanctions.

Iran recalled by violating the terms of the treaty in a step-by-step response.

“Democrats and Republicans may have intellectual differences, but we are united in banning Iran’s nuclear weapons and tackling the wide range of Iranian behavior,” the seniors wrote in a letter. to Biden, dated Thursday.

The letter was led by Senate Democrat Bob Menendez and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and was signed by 41 other Democrats and Republicans.

He notes the “long-term view” from lawyers and presidents of both parties that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a serious threat to the natural security interests of the United States and its allies and comrades. participants.

But he also says Iran poses a threat by deploying weapons, supporting troops targeting U.S. forces and through the ballistic missile and missile programs. He also calls for the release of political prisoners.

The letter reflects an argument made years ago by opponents of the nuclear deal, who argued that any compromise with Iran should address a wide range of concerns.

Proponents of the nuclear deal said it would be more likely to succeed if it focused on renewing Tehran’s nuclear ambitions rather than a broader agenda.

Menendez, who is now chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was among the Democrats who broke away from the administration then – President Barack Obama to join almost every conference Republican against the nuclear agreement, which was strongly anti-Israel.