Twitter users may have to pay if they want to remove tweets

Undo Tweet may not be as useful as an edit button, but the new feature may only be available to Twitter users with a paid membership.

Twitter It is understood that it is preparing an Undo Tweet feature, but it now appears that it may only be available to users with a paid membership. The suggestion that Twitter intends to introduce membership is nothing new, but over the past few months the company has not only confirmed that membership is coming, but they started to provides more information about what the platform users expect.

Twitter is a popular social media service, but it’s not without its issues. While there are fundamental concerns with aspects such as moderation and misinformation, there are users who would also like to see changes in the general experience, such as the accessible edit button. While not as useful, the ability to remove a Tweet still provides an additional and time consuming hurdle for users before a Tweet is sent out.

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Tweet recently by Sine Manchun Wong strongly recommending that when the Undo Tweet feature arrives, it will likely only be available as part of a subscription. A screenshot by Wong shows “ball”Interface where the user will be able to manage or cancel their subscription. The interface also includes “feature options“a region where Undo Tweet is introduced, revealing that it appears to be a feature that is locked behind a high – level experience pay wall.

How Tweet Undo Twitter seems to work

Delete Twitter button icon

While it remains to be seen how much a Twitter subscription will cost, Undo Tweet will technically do nothing different to the unsubscribe button. Of course, it just ignores the publication of the Tweet, although there is a fundamental difference. Unlike delete, Undo Tweet works by offering the user a small time window to cancel the Tweet before publishing. In this sense, it could be a useful solution for times when a typo or error is detected right now after the Tweet is sent. The user will be able to stop the Tweet from going live, perhaps then either offering the option to edit the message or at least rewrite it before hitting the Please button again.

Of course, whether or not the ability to remove a Tweet before the fact (instead of deleting it) is enough to encourage Twitter users to still pay to see a membership. Then again, this doesn’t seem to be the only feature available and there may be a collection of several features with a Twitter subscription where the real value lies. Membership usage is just one of the changes Twitter is currently considering. For example, user monetization is also possible, where platform users will be able to pay each other to access specific Twitter content and benefits.

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Source: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter

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