Twitter to remove or print warning leaflets COVID vaccine sympathy

Prohibited claims about COVID-19 vaccines will be swiftly removed from Twitter starting next week, the company announced Wednesday.

Moving into 2021, officials said, the company may begin issuing leaflets or warnings on messages containing “unconfirmed rumors, controversial claims, as well as incomplete or side-by-side information. about vaccines. “

The coming cracks come as countries around the world have started giving vaccine injections to health care workers and those most vulnerable to the disease. The new rules extend the current practices on Twitter that require the removal of tweets that say “forward false or misleading statements about COVID-19 vaccines,” Twitter write in a blog post.

Among the roles that will be revealed are those who make false claims of conspiracy to suggest that vaccines and immunizations are used as tools to control or harm the general population. Others who claim to have a pandemic coronavirus infection made up and those who put down the severity of the virus are also brought down.

Officials said Twitter uses a combination of technology and people who communicate with health experts around the world to implement the changes to those roles.

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