Twitter to introduce ‘undo tweet’ feature for paid customers through membership service

Among users ’ongoing requests to provide an option to edit print on Twitter, the social networking site is working on the‘ undo tweet ’feature. Twitter confirmed the new ‘tweet undo’ feature and revealed that some paid membership services are in the works as well. Security researcher Jane Manchun Wong wrote on her Twitter logo, “Twitter is working on an app membership for paid features like” Undo Tweet “

Wong also shared a video and showed how the undo tweets feature on the Twitter membership service works. The ‘undo teets’ feature is different from deleting a tweet. Making tweets in the future will allow Twitter subscribers to stop the tweet from being posted at all.

It will also have a timer in the form of a progress bar showing users how much time they have before they can remove the tweet. However, it has not been revealed what users will have to spend on this feature or whether it will be surrounded by other features that users will join.

Other key features on Twitter

In addition to the undo tweets feature, Twitter has revealed that additions such as ‘Super Follows’ and ‘Communities’, at a showcase for analysts and investors, will also be included.

The ‘Super Follows’ feature allows Twitter users to charge followers for accessing banned content such as bonus tweets, access to a community group, subscribe to a newsletter, or a badge appearing for support.

In addition to the Super Follows, the Communities feature competes directly with Facebook Groups. These aim to connect people with similar interests.

Coming back to the feature anonymously, Gmail offers a similar email option, where it offers a short time to stop messages from being sent after the click of a button add.

Recently, at a landmark Analyst event, Twitter announced a paid membership service. In February, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the social networking site company is aiming to more than double its total annual revenue to more than $ 7.5 billion in 2023 with co-op at least 315 million mDAU (monetisable daily active users).