Twitter confirms it is testing the ‘undo tweet’ feature – but may be limited to Professional Tweeters

There is growing evidence that Twitter is adding an “undo tweet” feature, but those who want it have to pay: app researcher Jane Manchun Wong find membership screen connected to the feature. The ability to retrieve tweets has also surfaced in a survey asking Twitter users about features they would be willing to pay for, as well as the code for the app, and CNET I received confirmation today from Twitter that it is, in fact, testing it.

It is not known when it will be widely available, but it is understandable why Twitter might consider reserving the feature for its potential membership service: what is it better than the “keep yourself out of trouble” button?

For its part, Twitter has not said whether the feature will be limited to paying customers – it may not be long enough in development to make that decision yet .

It ‘s also worth noting that the button design suggests that it works similar to the “undo send” button in Gmail, where the site only waits a few seconds before you can send it. message indeed. In other words, no indeed the edit button that people shout about, but it could at least give you some of the way to that activity (though at least the part where someone else can tell you that you’ve made a mistake do).

If Twitter is open to suggestions for the delete button, here’s one: make it pop up if someone explodes through the offensive tweet alert, giving them a few seconds to reconsider. It’s hard to say if that would settle the general feeling on Twitter, but it might at least be worth a look, right?