Turkish media promise to take over Tel Aviv, shouting ‘terrorists’ against it

Turkey in the last few weeks has tried to use media links abroad to push statements about how it wants a settlement with Israel, even as its own media pushes against opposition. Israel. One commentator said, according to Turkish media T24, that Turkey could “enter Tel Aviv in 48 hours.” He said, “we are not like the Arabs,” apparently referring to the inability of Arab forces to defeat Israel in 1948 and 1967. The coverage on Turkish television was not unusual. Israel is hated and promises to destroy Israel, invade Jerusalem, “liberate Al-Aqsa” and spread highly nationalist, anti-Zionist or antisemitic views on the ever-increasing norm in Turkey. Most journalists who have criticized the ruling party in Turkey have been silenced, forced to flee the country or be imprisoned. Turkey is considered to be the largest journalist in the world under the AK Party. In March 2018, a Turkish day also suggested that Turkey should form an Islamic army to destroy Israel. In 2019, according to MEMRI, a retired Turkish general named Adnan Tanriverdi who heads the SADAT consultancy also spoke about the need to liberate Jerusalem from Israel. “The Islamic world should prepare an army for Palestine from outside Palestine. Israel should know if it is bombing [Palestine] a bomb will also fall on Tel Aviv. “It seems that these ideas have become a key part of Turkey’s ruling party. Israel is seen as Turkey’s main enemy. Abroad, Turkey will work with a few lobbyists there. Washington to try to present the country ‘s media in a more favorable image and even try to impress some Israeli media with false stories about “reconciliation.” “However, Turkey’s new ambassador to Israel has called Zionism racist and accused Israel of killing millions and committing” multiple assassinations. ” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has pledged to “liberate Al-Aqsa” and declared us “Jerusalem.” Greece, Egypt, the UAE, And others in the region, are also targeting all opposition groups in Turkey.A image on Turkish television showed that the anti-HDP party logo was changed to bring -in grenades and bullets instead of the colors of the usual emblem, a way to incite the ruling Turkish party against the Opponents and the terrorist call.The Turkish ruling party tends to imprison all- criticism as terrorists, including terrorists peace and environment and journalists. “Terrorism” is used as an accusation for dissenting with Ankara’s authoritarian movement. There is almost no room for criticism in Turkey, a once more democratic country and still a member of NATO, despite Ankara ‘s departure from NATO’ s democratic values ​​and human rights. ments on Turkish media and Ankara’s army of social media activists targeting any online critics indicate that the report on Turkish ‘settlement’ with Israel is largely empty. Support for the “Islamist” army to take over Israel with many commentators in Turkey and the fact that Ankara often hosts Hamas, shows that the ruling Turkish party has adopted a view a world similar to the Iranian regime in terms of how it sees Israel as a moderate enemy and wants to “liberate” Jerusalem. This differs from the countries of the region which are accepting new peace treaties with Israel and which have reduced the most distant form of astronomy.