Try different ‘nature corn’ recipes to see why Lizzo loves it

  • I tried 5 versions of TikTok’s “corn nature” movement to see if it really deserved all the hype.
  • I didn’t like the pomegranate seeds at all, and some of the lifts were too sweet or too thick.
  • But it tasted good, and I would make the pine juice and coconut water recipes again.
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I generally don’t think of a bowl of fresh fruit like corn, but Lizzo made me hop on the healthy breakfast trend.

TikTok account @natures_food created “nature corn” in February using just new ingredients. The 30-second video shows him cracking a pomegranate opening, pouring in various berries, and pouring fresh walnut water over the middle of a fruit.

Since then, it has gained over 5 million views, and even caught the attention of Lizzo, who posted his own version of the recipe and challenged his fans to do the same.

A number of things are already embracing this trend circulating on TikTok, so I decided to try the fruit bowl five different ways. Read on to see how it went.

Before I started, I talked to a dietitian to find out how healthy this breakfast dish is.

The original recipe from @natures_food calls for pomegranate seeds, blueberries, blackberries, and pure coconut water straight from walnuts, and the creator says it helps with digestion and digestion. strengthening energy levels.

According to Sarah Rueven, a registered dietitian and founder of Rooted Wellness in NYC, this dish is definitely a great way to start the day.

“Berries are loaded with nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamin C, phytonutrients, and fiber,” she told Insider. “Fiber helps with digestion, supports a healthy gut microbiome, and lowers cholesterol levels.”

I tried the original recipe first, and it was just as fresh as you might think

original recipe_1

Coconut water is the liquid in the original recipe.

Fabiana Buontempo for Insider

The original recipe calls for fresh walnut water, but I chose a carton of it to save money and time.

The creator recommended eating this bowl first thing in the morning, so I quickly put it together before I even got a cup of coffee.


I would make a few tweaks next time, but it was refreshing food.

Fabiana Buontempo for Insider

The fruits had varying degrees of sweetness. They had a different texture too, and I don’t follow much pomegranate seeds, so their bark threw me a little.

I had the coconut water at room temperature as well, and I think the bowl would have been more refreshing if it had been cooler.

While the subtle suggestions of walnut balanced the sweetness of the fruit, it was still a very sweet breakfast, something I’m not used to being first thing in the morning.

Sweet support, Rueven told Insider that a walnut water base is a great way to prime irrigation in the morning.

“Coconut water is made up of 95% water, so it’s a very hydrating drink that also contains electrolytes,” she said.

Next, I tried out Lizzo’s version of the food movement

Shortly after posting @natures_food to the first “nature corn” recipe, musician Lizzo joined the movement, both posting her own taste test and sewing videos of her fans following. try the bowl.

For the most part, the singer adhered to the original recipe, but changed blackberries for straw and added ice cubes.


I appreciated the ice cubes Lizzo added.

Fabiana Buontempo for Insider

I preferred the raspberries over the blackberries as they seemed to pair better with the raspberry and pomegranate seeds.

The extra ice cubes were also a nice choice as they made a big difference in how the coconut water tasted.

Overall, I found Lizzo’s version even more refreshing and sweeter than the original recipe.

I also tried replacing coconut milk with coconut water, but it didn’t work for me


I was excited to try the coconut milk version because I thought it would be more like grain.

Fabiana Buontempo for Insider

Another version makes its rounds on TikTok replacing coconut water with coconut milk.

I threw some pomegranate seeds, blueberries, straw, and blackberries into a bowl and set it aside with a generous pour of canned coconut milk and some ice cubes.

This recipe was more like corn because of the milk, so I was excited to try it.


It was not tasty at all.

Fabiana Buontempo for Insider

After one bite, I knew I wasn’t following the coconut milk version.

I was looking forward to a bowl full of fruit, but instead, the coconut milk was a bit lumpy and the fruit tasted weird.

According to Rueven, coconut milk also makes the dish heavier.

“Canned coconut milk has a thick consistency and is used instead of heavy cream in carrots and soups,” she said. “It’s also higher in calories and saturated fat compared to coconut water.”

The TikTok I inspired me to use a carton of coconut milk, no can, so it might have been better that way. But I still prefer the lighter, nutty water versions.

The original creator also made a pine juice version, and it quickly became my favorite


I love vinegar, so I was excited about this change.

Fabiana Buontempo for Insider

The @natures_food account added another variation of the bowl using fresh pine juice.

I don’t have the skills or tools to extract the juice from fresh vinegar, so instead, I bought cans of pine juice.

I love anything with a pine flavor, so I was really excited to try this one. I threw the mixed seeds and berries (remove the grits) in a bowl and added pine juice.

This time, I used less pomegranate seeds and more blueberries because I still didn’t follow the crunchy stuff.


I wish it was healthier because it was very tasty.

Fabiana Buontempo for Insider

This version definitely met my expectations and quickly became my favorite. The pine juice brought out the flavors of the fruit without being too sweet.

Unfortunately, Rueven does not recommend eating this version every day because of the high sugar levels of the juice.

“Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar, making this corn even sweeter and more likely to spike blood sugar, which will definitely lead to a mid-morning energy crash,” she told Insider.

For extra mixing, I also experimented with an orange juice version


I thought it would be fun to try another juice.

Fabiana Buontempo for Insider

After trying different elevators, orange juice was the last one I wanted to try.

I tossed in a handful of the fruit and added a few splashes of orange juice.


The flavors didn’t work.

Fabiana Buontempo for Insider

After much deliberation, I was not sold for this change.

The orange juice took over the fruit, and the whole thing was too sweet to resemble me.

I took another bite, but could not finish the rest as my mouth was throbbing from the thirst.

It is worth trying the coconut water and pine juice recipes at least once

final thoughts.JPG

I’m glad I tried this move, and I’m excited to incorporate it into my breakfast circuit.

Fabiana Buontempo for Insider

All in all, this fruit bowl – or “deconstructed smoothie” as some call it – is a tasty treat.

Trying to change the bowl differently each morning led me to incorporate more fruit into my diet. I don’t always eat fruit every day, so it was good to know that I was getting those nutrients in.

Of the different versions of “nature corn,” my favorite was the walnut water and pine juice recipes.

Both versions were refreshing and not too sweet compared to the orange juice version, and I preferred my fruit to be soaked in a thin liquid rather than the lumpy consistency of the canned coconut milk.

Overall, I’m a fan of this trend, but it’s not enough breakfast for me

My breakfast usually includes carbs and proteins, so I was hungry after about an hour of eating just the fruit each day.

Rueven agreed that more is needed to create a complete breakfast.

“A bowl of berries with breakfast is a great way to start in the morning,” she said. “Instead of eating this bowl on its own, pair it with a little protein, such as eggs, and fat, such as peanut butter or avocado. , to circulate and make this food more satisfying. “

Going forward I may add “nature corn” into my breakfast cycle along with protein and fat to make a satisfying, satisfying meal.